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Why Weighing Scales Are Vitally Important In Today’s World

Updated on October 24, 2012

Critical Role for Weighing Scales in Scientific & Medical Research

Whilst medical research across the world continues to shape and improve the way we live our lives, the role of weighing scales is crucial in the development, pilot and manufacturing stages of new drug delivery. When the drugs finally reaches a patient, the role of weighing takes on another critical role as the weight of the patient often derives the dosage of drug required. Analytical balances that measure to 0.0001g are used frequently in the research and development phases, manufactured by specialists such as Ohaus. In the manufacture of drugs, bench scales, floor scales and pallet scales are used at various process points such as recipe formulation, mixing, filling and dispatch operations. When drugs finally reach a hospital then Class III Approved floor scales determine an accurate body weight to ensure the correct dosage is administered. For those patients unable to move, bed and wheelchair scales are used.

Endless Applications At work

Wherever we work it is almost certain that there will be a set of weighing scales somewhere in the business. The most common across all business types will be postal scales and parcel scales, ensuring that we pay the correct amount for our mailings and that our letters, packets and parcels are delivered in a timely fashion. Many businesses that don’t manufacture products but perhaps distribute them on behalf of others use counting scales, not only to pack orders but also for stocktaking where it is very easy to count 1000’s of small components in a matter of seconds. This saves them time and helps them control inventory. If you are work or own a manufacturing business it is very likely you either weigh some goods in or out of your business. An example of weighing in, would be for a food factory using weighing scales to check delivery quantities from suppliers, or the weighing in of prepared raw materials to Work In Progress (WIP) stock. Engineering businesses are another good example of where counting scales are used extensively for packing of orders or stocktaking.

Weighing scales for use at home

Weighing in the kitchen or bathroom has been common for decades, even centuries as people cook more at home and need accurate and reliable kitchen scales. Of course people also want to ensure that their weight and health are maintained in accordance with their goals, and so check on bathroom scales or for more the fitness oriented, body composition monitors. It is interesting to note that with the huge array of digital weighing scales available on the market that the sales of ‘old fashioned’, traditional, or retro mechanical kitchen scales and bathroom scales is as strong as ever. Whatever you do in life it is fair to say that weighing scales will be involved somewhere and as such remain important in our everyday lives.

Ohaus Pioneer Analytical Balance
Ohaus Pioneer Analytical Balance | Source
Salter Brecknell B120 Counting Scale
Salter Brecknell B120 Counting Scale | Source
Salter 145 Mechanical Doctors Style Bathroom Scale
Salter 145 Mechanical Doctors Style Bathroom Scale | Source


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