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Why Windows is losing users. A simple case study: Windows Update

Updated on May 16, 2013

This is just an example but it gives us an idea why Windows users are changing as happened with Internet Explorer.

It has happened to me at least 2 times in the last days, as I update my system through Windows Update and I don't want to restart yet I get that nagging warning that reminds me to restart, somebody designed it so the Restart button should be selected so when you press Enter the button will be pressed, combine this with the good idea of the pop-up window getting the focus when appears and not having a warning about getting a restart now.

Separately we could analyze all this decisions and seem like good ideas:

  • Restart button selected: it will permit you to restart as soon as the windows appears, without needless extra button pressing.
  • Pop-up window getting focus: it's an important warning and you should restart as soon as possible so, this warning should be nagging the user, then make the warning get your focus.
  • No warning on restart: if you pressed restart you should restart as soon as possible, so we should not put impediments

Combine it and be working writing something and you will get an unexpected restart.

What could have been:

  • Balloon warning that reminds you, and nags you, about the needed restart, that is not obtrusive, does not get your focus, not has the option to restart, Windows XP style.
  • When your system gets idle, you are closing all the windows, preparing for a shutdown or leave the computer, should appear a warning, this time obtrusive reminding you to restart so you don't leave the computer without restarting.
  • The same warning on a sleep or hibernation demand, it should prevent that you sleep your computer without the restart.
  • If you are in a laptop and on battery this warnings should be omitted.

I am not a big fan of the hype, as already I stated on this hub, and I am not much of a fan boy of Mac, but poor design in this details is what makes Windows hated or bored by many users, including myself, and the attention to details is why Macs are getting the love of their buyers and their increasing share of users.


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