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Why Won't Facebook Let Me Log In?

Updated on August 27, 2013
Why Won't Facebook Let Me Log In?
Why Won't Facebook Let Me Log In?

Why Wont Facebook Let Me Login?

The act of logging into Facebook, for millions, has become a daily or near-daily habit all over the world. We spend hours on the social networking site, chatting to friends, sharing information and memes, running businesses, buying and selling products and even playing games.

Whilst signing up and opening an account on Facebook is a relatively straightforward and simple process, sometimes accessing your existing account can prove to be problematic.

Unfortunately, this can occur for a variety of reasons.

So why won't Facebook let you login?

Reasons Why You Cannot Log Into Facebook And Easy Solutions

Whilst the situations may be infrequent, it is good to know that there are solutions available. Before attempting to solve your predicament, take a moment to browse Facebook's Bugs and Known Issues page. You may find others with the same problem and more importantly you may just see an official response from Facebook as to a known technical (or other) issue.

If you fall short there, these are the most commonly used methods to solve your login problems:


  1. Forgot Your Password: Select forgot your password under the log in box, enter the required security details, and you will receive an email prompting you to reset.
  2. Incorrect or Forgotten Email: An incorrect email login attempt may simply be because of an accidental uppercase letter. If you still have no luck, try using any available option on the "Recover Your Account" page.

  3. Cache Or Cookies Problems: Try clearing your browsers cache and/or cookies and then log in as usual.

  4. Caps Lock: Similar to the email issue, make sure you are not typing your password in with the caps lock on. Make sure it's off.
  5. Browser: Try logging in on a different browser. Sometimes there could be temporary issues with one over another.
  6. Hacked: If you think your Facebook account is hacked and cannot login as a result of someone changing your email address or password, you need to contact Facebook support for quick restoration of your Facebook account.
  7. Account Disabled by Facebook: Facebook seeks to keep on top of fake accounts and removes profiles that it deems are not real people. If Facebook detects your profile may not be legitimate, they may disabled your account. The message you will see will resemble this "Confirm Your Identity" page.

Facebook Won't Let You Login: Malware Concerns

If Facebook detects malware on your computer they will not allow you to log on.

There are a number of steps you can take here.

  • Firstly you should run your anti-virus software to verify that your computer is in fact clean.
  • If all comes up OK, add some websites to your trusted sites. Trusted sites are websites that you are authorizing your computer access to; in other words you are saying yes, this site is safe, please proceed. (In Internet Explorer: Tools - Internet Options - Security - Trusted Sites) and
  • It is a good idea to also include in your 'trusted sites' list any antivirus software that you have installed on your computer.

If malware is detected, you will see a message similar to the one shown below stating that your account has been temporarily locked. You are prompted to select continue and work through the steps to ensuring your computer is clear.

Cannot Login To Facebook Malware Account Is Temporarily Locked

Facebook Login: Malware - Temporary Locked
Facebook Login: Malware - Temporary Locked
Facebook Login: Malware - Temporary Locked
Facebook Login: Malware - Temporary Locked

Facebook Login Issues: iPad & Smartphone

  • If you are trying to log into Facebook on an iPad or iPhone and the login is spinning, reboot your device by holding the home and start button for a few seconds.
  • Alternatively delete the Facebook app and reinstall it.
  • Make sure you also have the latest version from the app store.

Report a Login Issue

If all else fails, report a Login issue directly to Facebook

Spotify App: Facebook Login Issues

When trying to log into Spotify using Facebook credentials, it is common to have login issues. Whether it be via a Samsung phone, Galaxy S3, Android, Droid Razr or a tablet.

Common Issues

  • It logs in for a few seconds and then you are sent to a page that says "new to spotify? start here! and if you are already a member log in here". And then continues to cycle.
  • You are presented with a "Spotify has stopped working" screen and it blacks out.


  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Try selecting "I'm new to spotify. Let's go" (even though you are not) and it should take you straight in.
  • Try retriving your Spotify username (which will be a series of numbers if you have a Facebook account) and then setting a device password and then use those to sign into your account rather than using Facebook.
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting your account from Facebook using the desktop application (Edit > Preferences > Social Network)


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    • profile image

      Glen 2 years ago

      No "solution" that includes going to is going to solve the problem of not being able to login. If you can't login, you can't get to FB anyway, so how about the experts here presenting a working solution in 2015? Facebook offers no user support that I've been able to access. Geek Squad gave me a phone number for FB that is a joke. FB auto-answers but does not respond to any of the choices they present; it only goes into a loop.

    • profile image

      Johnny mullins 2 years ago

      I have always signed in threw safari not it won't let me sign in at all. It says server has stopped responding. Why?

    • profile image

      Brooke 2 years ago

      I already have my own malware program on my laptop however fb won't allow me to sign in without downloading their program first, which I don't want/need. How do I get rid of this screen?

    • profile image

      liz yates 2 years ago

      Wont let me log in wrong phone no on there so when i put my proper no says cant as someobe already using this number yes me

    • profile image

      KathyChittyDotson 3 years ago

      It saying that connection not private. Showing a red lock out plz fix it.

    • profile image

      david 3 years ago

      Istill can't log in facebook it was working fine then it stop

    • profile image

      Donna 3 years ago

      Twice in the last week when I log into Facebook it won't let me so I've had to make a new account, can anyone Help, I still can't get into it :(

    • profile image

      Steve M 3 years ago

      Facebook will not let me in after all these years and I have no idea why.

    • profile image

      Kyle 4 years ago

      Why is it that sites with a Facebook log in option do not work for me? The button acts like it's not even there! WTF?

    • profile image

      rebecca watkins 4 years ago

      i went to log on facebook and it wont let what's going on with facebook

    • profile image

      helpz me fbk 4 years ago

      I can not log out but I can do every thing but that on fbk what's going on?

    • profile image

      Asinate Koto 4 years ago

      Finding problem in facebook login

    • profile image

      azrafarooq 4 years ago

      my account has been disable. i want re active my face book account, so plz help me and re active my fb account. my email address (