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Why Would I Watch a Movie on a Personal Hand Held Device?

Updated on March 21, 2012

Okay first let me state this right from the start....I don't hate technology.

There, at least we've established that fact.

Honestly I've always tried to (as funds would allow) keep up with what's the newest innovations in computers...or at least kept up by reading about those innovations. The thing is I have to start to wonder if we're not letting technology get the better of us. Over the past few years I've seen what was a simple, effective, and indispensable device become something that I don't even recognize any longer.

The cell phone was meant to be used as a way to talk with your family, your friends, and your babysitter if you were going to be leaving the job a little later than you thought. That was then, today we use what are now called "Hand Held Mobile Devices" to do important tasks like "Tweeting," updating our "Facebook Status's," and letting the entire world know when and where you're having that much needed "Coffee Frappachino!"

But the most heinous thing that I keep seeing people doing with these Transformer-esque devices is watch a movie on them!

I say enough's enough. I've had it, and I've drawn my line in the proverbial sand so to speak.

Everyone has their limits and this is mine.

I just can't see the appeal of watching a blockbuster movie event such as the upcoming Avengers Movie on a small hand held screen.

I just can't....maybe you can explain it to there something I'm missing by watching a movie as it was meant to be viewed?

Honestly, I cannot fathom how someone can enjoy watching a movie that's meant to be viewed on a large theater screen, shrunk down to fit in the palm of one's hand and say they thoroughly enjoyed that movie was just like being there!

No It wasn't!

And I'll step outside of the self imposed boundary that I've set here and attack these "Tablets" too.

I hate those Time Warner Cable commercials that are advertising their services for watching their programing "on the go" for an added fee each and every month, for the privilege of watching a show such as "American Idol" on that stupid (insert name brand here!) tablet, because my world will end if I miss that one episode...thank god that I have my handy dandy tablet so that I don't miss a second of that program!

Have our lives become so tech driven that we simply cannot live without these devices? I say you have to draw the line somewhere. Maybe if these phones didn't have the capabilities that they have, we wouldn't hear so many news stories about another person having an accident because they were too busy texting some nonsense over their overly equipped cell phone!

Stop the madness people, and stick your head out of your office windows and shout all in unison "I'm mad as hell, and I refuse to watch another movie on my gosh darned phone!"


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    • NiaLee profile image

      NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

      Hey friend, I agree so much with you and even though I am so called young, I am no transformer fan when it comes to my life. I do use my phone to watch short youtube clip that are funny and listen to a little music but a whole movie, on that little screen when I have a theater system home??? NO! Then, they are also places where it is really annoying and that guy who was short of pick up line and played some really luring music to break the the morning at the mc do with my kids!! eyoooooooooooooooo seriously??? that was really gross!

    • Rosalinem profile image

      Rosalinem 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Anything can become a habit and I guess that is what makes a difference between the things that we like and the once that we can't stand. I feel you on this one. Well written.