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Why Your Business Should Rank on First Page on Google

Updated on March 20, 2013

Today, almost every small and medium business has a website. However, having a website online does not in any way ensure that it would generate business. If you are serious about your business doing the best to its potential to generate web traffic and sales, it is important that it be ranked on the first page of Google for your search results.

The first reason you would want to rank on the first page of Google is that most of the visitors would check only the first page of their search results. In fact, almost all of them would check only the first five results on the first page. Users believe that websites on the second and lower pages have less relevant content.

When your website is able to rank on page 1 on Google, there is a high chance that it would receive higher click through rates. This is because of the perspective that the business-transaction experience on first page is better than on other pages. You would experience more visitors when you rank on this page, because it would mean that your website offers better content, loading time, navigation and user-friendly features.

The more the number of visitors your website receives, the more your sales would be. This has been demonstrated in several studies. Ranking on the first page is possible by meeting a wide range of positive attributes. Thus, visitors reckon the website and the associated business to be a reputable entity, and this increases the chances of eventual sales.

Page one ranking on Google also means high popularity for your business. It helps achieve better brand recognition, which is also helpful from the perspective of offline promotion. These are just some of the reasons why your website should be positioned on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the main process that would help your website to achieve this position.

Anand Nair is an avid writer on a wide range of topics, having worked in 3 dailies. Contact him for creating grasping and factual articles like these.


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