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Why does my home wireless speed vary from 56Mbps to as low as 1Mbps? Is it controlled by the broadband connection or...

Updated on January 17, 2008

Your home wireless network will have a maximum speed that you will be able to connect to it at.

802.11A is 11MBps, 802.11G is 54MBps and there are newer technologys such a Wireless N which are even faster.

You will only be able to connect to your wireless network at the top speed if you have the best signal.

Typically, only metal will interfere with a wireless signal, but other sources such as flourescent lights can also interfere.

If your signal is not as strong, your wireless network speed will adjust and you will be connected at a lower speed to compensate for the lower signal.

This is like your cell phone, when the bars are low the conversation breaks up. The same thing happens with your wireless network. The lower the bars, the more interference and noise, the less speed you get.

To get a better signal, you can upgrade your wireless router and wireless network cards to a newer technology, or possibly upgrade the antenna(s) on your wireless router and/or wireless network cards.

Otherwise simply relocating your wireless router and/or computers, or adjusting the antennas will help you get a better signal strength which will let you access your network faster.

Check out the video for more tips on improving your wireless connection signal strength!


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    • profile image

      SAm 9 years ago

      My old laptop (4 yrs old) won't connect higher than 1Mbps, even though I upgraded to the "N" system. My desktop, though, connects with blazing speeds. What could be wrong w/ the laptop

    • Caryl Oliver profile image

      Caryl Oliver 10 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for that - I will check my computer reception and have a go at putting router in different places and if that doesn't work then I will revert to the salad bowl and foil!!!