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Why iPad Dominates the Tablet Market

Updated on August 3, 2012

Ever since the first iPad came out, tablets have taken over a lot of the PC market. Many companies make tablets, such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple. Out of all these companies though, Apple's iPad soars through the market. And even though there are tablets cheaper than the iPad, people choose it as their tablet. Now exactly why do people choose iPad? If it because it has an Apple logo on the back? Or is it because the users actually like the tablet itself? I've pondered over this myself, and looked at other tables in comparison. I looked at the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, and the Asus Transformer Prime. After comparing all three of these tablets to the iPad, I discovered the secret to the iPad's success. This success consists of 3 main parts:

The iPad has a lovable, easy to learn, simplistic design.

Something about the iPad's design makes it stand out from all the other tablets. It's the simple, intuitive design that's implemented in every iPad. The well known home screen, and just 4 buttons! No confusing process to set it up, no error messages, no clunky feeling. The simple touch screen interface makes it very appealing to people, and the tablet has a very aesthetic UI. If you're looking to buy a tablet, you obviously want something that is very easy to use. iPad is probably the easiest tablet to use.

If the iPhone was so great, the iPad is probably better.

When the original iPhone was announced, it created such a ruckus that even the man who lives under a rock heard about it. It was the thing of the year, maybe even the decade. So since everyone knew about the great UI of the iPhone, and everyone had come to know the amazingly large app selection for iPhones, people figured the iPad would be the same. The glory of the iPhone helped the iPad rise as well. And the app selection is amazing for the iPad as well. When it comes to apps, iPad wipes out the competition.

Other tablets, well, the just don't work as well.

iOS is known for its great stability and support. You get frequent updates, you'll recieve amazing customer support, you know how to use it out of the box, and, well, it's just better. No offense to the rest of the tablet world, but if you know how to do something, iPad knows how to do it better. And the iPad is much more intuitive. It knows how to use the large space. It doesn't just enlarge a smartphone experience; it enhances it. Here's an example:

Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrating the differences between the iPad's Yelp app and the competition's.
Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrating the differences between the iPad's Yelp app and the competition's.

So as you can see, iPad knows how to use its space and make an overall more unique and intuitive experience.

So in the end, these main ideas show why people may choose the iPad over other tablets. It you have any other reasons, or if you disagree with me, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

I hope you enjoyed reading this hub! :)


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