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Why is iPhone 6S the best phone i ever had?

Updated on February 9, 2016

First impression

It was a birthday gift, a great suprise! Packed in a nice white box. The slim design struck me with how comfortable it felt to hold it. It was neither heavy nor light – exaclty the right weight. The screen was wide and shiny, pretty much the same as my last phone Samsung A3, just a little bit longer and a lot better! Surprisingly, the color was the same too – gold. The usually come in three colors though – silver, pink and gold.

First boot

First time I booted it up, it started smoothly and immediately displayed great, bright colors. To be honest I had to decrease brightness to less than half of the full volume – it was simply not needed. The phone was solid, easily responded to every touch. I loved the TouchId feature a lot – finally nobody could grab my phone and read through my messages. Finally some privacy! What i didn’t like is that it required some kind of authorization – needed to create Apple Id. I understand that this is for privacy, but somehow it is getting ridiculous, how much we are being controlled by our gadgets.

Tiny little workhorse

Apple has created a truly amazing, powerful device. All the apps that I’m used to run smoothly and never cause any breakdown. I installed Gmail, Facebook and some other apps that I was used to and neither of them created any problems. This phone is a tiny little workhorse. One thing that needed to get used to was absence of buttons – all my previous phones had button controls. Well, that is not that big of a deal.

Great desing
Built-in battery and memory
Need wifi to upgrade apps and store photos
great audio
Short battery life


The Wifi on this phone is, however, somewhat weak. My previous phone managed to catch the signal from another house. This phone, however, doesnt even see the signal. That is unfortunate, as most apps require wifi to upgrade. The same goes for storing photos to cloud, like Google Photos. Obviously not everyone has access to wifi at any given time. Mostly i use 4G and it is super fast with this phone.

Physical design

The phone is really slim and made of aluminium. Therefore it is extremely slippery. Mine has fallen from my hand couple of times, luckily both times undamaged. Therefore it is advisable to get a back cover case as soon as possible – saves the phone from dirt and dust and prevents from crashing it too badly. Protective glass is another crucial feature to consider – tempered glass covers the screen and protects from scratches.



The audio of this phone is amazing – I have never experienced anything better. Samsung doesn’t even come close. Same is for the camera – even though some other phones may have more mpx on their cameras, the quality speaks for itself! Iphone simply can’t be beaten!


The price is a problem factor – iPhones don’t come cheap. I can honestly admit that i would never buy one for myself. They really are expensive compared to other manufacturers. Of course you are paying for the brand – that’s what determines the price, mostly. But one shouldn’t forget the quality you will be getting too. And the difference is truly visible – performance, speed, quality of photos and music, small nice add-ons and features. And it looks sexy!



If you are young and passionate individual - iPhone is your choice! If you are successful and well known - iPhone is a must! If you want to be either of them or both - make yourself a present and get one of those nice phones. It will make you feel good about yourself.


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