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Why ladies who post endless 'indecent' pictures on social media risk their reputations

Updated on March 20, 2015

Hush! It looks like the contemporary knack associated with any other person with a smart phone. They can do it but not just any how. It is a dexterity that many young girls and boys at puberty, plus their ageing counterparts have mastered to the very end.

Ever wondered why mobile phone technology is constantly changing? That the manufacturers have to come up with newer applications every time and again? Well here is the answer. The new technique of self marketing characterized by newer ways of photography is living within our society. On this topic, I want to drift your mind a bit to a topic that brought up a heated debate in Kenya in 2014. It was about skin lightening. A young Kenyan lady, known as Vera Sidika confessed having used around $ 500,000 to lighten her skin. On top of that, she has more other things to her body.

She is also alleged to have “boosted” her hips and breast. When she talked about her skin lightening in one of the local TV station, she was already a famous person in the country. Her pictures were doing rounds in the social media sites such as, twitter and Instangram among others. Bloggers were using all sorts of adjectives and jargons to describe her body shape, and musicians were drooling for her image, just for her to appear in their clips. This is someone who is not working anywhere. She literally has no working station or office but lives large. Her rise to fame started with a simple process of taking a photo and posting it on Instangram. Right now in Kenya, there are many more ladies that have come up with the same idea. The term coined to describe them? They are “Socialites”.

Becoming a socialite is arguably easier like a joke. It is argued that ladies with large hips and thin waist regardless of the colour; can rise to fame with a span of two months of vigorous posting. Here is what they do. They do serious posturing and take pictures of the hips while either semi nude or nude. Most take these pictures in tight bikinis because they are revealing their best “assets” so that men can come chasing after them. Not just men, but they mean serious business with the affluent ones in town.

Here are the ways in which young and maturing girls can destroy their reputations by photo taking:

Viral ‘selfies’

This applies to those who like taking selfies may end being branded overly-social people with nothing that guides them. When young girls take such pictures with the ‘flying’ kiss, the onlookers of the pictures may perceive them as future social beings who will want to hang around the rich men to benefit. This social grouping is mostly known to many as ‘groupies’.

Taking nude and semi-nude photos-

Young girls who post their nude and semi- nude photos may be subjected to ridicule by the contemporary world. Going by the most obvious ways through which most self-confessed ‘socialites’ have climbed up to fame, taking nude and semi-nude photos may produce a crack between a girl and the society. However much she is learned, this appearance inevitably makes her look less knowledge. She appears like someone with no vision in life, but an upcoming female escort.

Posting frequently and emphasizing on body shape

The ladies who belong to this group are so many. As much as it is prudent to appreciate one’s image, the frequency of postings can sometimes evoke negative perceptions about the subject. More so, when the subject emphasizes on the body shape, the viewer may look at it as a means of seduction. The body posturing is what makes people make such judgments.

Using the social media without brinks

Mostly, these girls use any social media sites within their reach. Many of them only need a guarantee that registration is free and after that they will only enter the password and user name. However, using many sites could just be more detrimental than many think. There are high chances that a potential employer or a respectable person like a parent can come across such pictures. Damage to the reputation is something that lives with human being for a period of time. This is why young girls have to be weary of reckless photography and posting on social media. Less they just replicate mistakes committed by self-confessed ‘socialites’.

Kwanboka: One of the Kenyan rise to fame "Socialites"
Kwanboka: One of the Kenyan rise to fame "Socialites" | Source

Vera Sidika talks abut her skin lightening and life as a 'Socialite'


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