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Why my Kobo will not connect to windows 10 WHY!!

Updated on August 8, 2016

Windows 10 not compatible

As we have see that there is some issue in getting your Kobo device to be attached to the the new windows 10 platform. this is due to the new upgraded on the windows 10 platform. Windows 10 is not really the user friendly type of software. I really don't know why they upgraded to is since no testing was done and it keeps damaging computers when it have been loaded on it and even not recognizing some of your device.

Well today we will take a look on why we cannot get our sweet Kobo devices to be recognized by our windows 10 and what can be done to help our Kobo team resolve this issue.

What is wrong with the windows 10

The windows 10 device is not currently compatible with the Kobo device so that is why we cannot sync with it or even transfers our books to it with our Reader for Pc or our Adobe Digital Edition.This is so as they Kobo device are on a older platform from and the windows 10 is too high quality for our device.. You may say so why they don't just upgraded they software so it can be compatible. I would say that too. However in order to upgrade you have to know what you are working with to upgrade to it. We will show you below in a moment what they will require of you to do and send to them.

Before we go to that we will like to say you don't have to worry and say OH NO my Kobo is not good, to be honest your Kobo device is working really fine and will be okay soon since they will upgrade the software soon

Please see steps that can help your make it easy for Kobo to get this issue resolved

First you will need to some very vital and important information from your computer so that Kobo can upgrade and get you back up in syncing and transferring your lovely books to your devices.

Steps to locate the windows 10 build#

1 Please press and hold on the win+r keys.
2. Type msinfo32 in the box that appears. (system summary would appear)
3 Look to the right you will see OS Name and the verison( copy them please)
4.Please provide the Type of Kobo device that you are using please and if the device is visible on your computer.
5. In the start menu, type Device manager in search bar and it would show if Kobo device is appearing or not.
6. look and see if the kobo device is under disk Driver.


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