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Why second hand Laptops are better deal than new

Updated on May 14, 2015

Want a $250 Core i7 4GB RAM 17 inch Laptop? or a Core i5 Laptop for $200? good! me too and here's how:

Most people never exhaust their computers, the heaviest use a personal computer or laptop will have probably will be gaming, emailing, surfing... and the good thing about consumerism is that you can stand aside and actually benefit from it by being a smart buyer. Because that same majority of people will ditch their Laptops for new ones, for tablets, smartphones, or for any other reason way sooner than later.

In that way the second hand market is full of almost new, good quality machines with still more life span in them than you will ever need, because even if you don't fall in the consumerism streams eventually you will upgrade before the device dies, or that's what will likely happen.

Some things should not be acquired second hand but Laptops aren't one of them, is the oposit instead. If you look for online advises on buying laptops of course you will be flooded with "offers" and "deals" on ... new laptops.

So here are the myths debunked behind the BUY-NEW strategy:

Myth #1: New is always better

Not always, in fact new may be less reliable than old, old is tried and true, there are plenty of examples of new failures ranging from new game launches full of bugs (Assassins Creed Unity), to a new Operative Systems fiasco (Windows Vista was newer than Windowws XP at launch), etc. If you always buy new products launches you may be acting like a beta tester for the rest of the world.


Myth #2: You get what you pay for

Again, not always, you in average get what you pay for but only if you stay away from the Entry Level and High End market for new Laptops. Both extremes are equally bad, in the Entry Level you may save a lot of bucks, but your Laptop will be crawling for even the basic stuffs and the High End may be good for impressing others but you are paying top dollar for only a small increase in performance or features compared with a performance level Laptop.


And here's the thing: Previous generation High End, Second hand Laptops are priced lower than Media or even Entry Level NEW ones, and they performs equally or better!

That's what the market will not tell, that's what affiliated reviewers will no tell you. In further articles I will explain more on this tip.

Please I would love to read your experiences with second hand laptops, feel free to comment and share!


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