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Why should I sell or buy old cell mobile phone?

Updated on July 24, 2012

Well!! Why should I sell of buy old cell mobile phones? Mobile phones are no longer a luxury in today's world. We change them more or like we change our clothes. If I take my example, I have got cell phone, one for my personal use and one for my office. Apart from that, I change them every 8-10 months or so. What happens to my old phone? They keep lying in my home drawer for some time. No one use them and after some time get thrown away as without being used again.

I think this is the same story for millions of people like me. However I have to rethink about all this while reading an article in office magazine. It advised with lot of arguments why we need to recycle our mobile phone among other electronics item.

I also did a little research on the web and found out its better to sell our mobile phone insted of throwing them away to giving to some unknown company to recycle. Here are the reasons:

1. Increase the shelf life of mobile phone:

These days no matter how latest is your mobile phone, it becomes out dated with in 2 months as technology is developing at light speed. Excepts Apple IPhone, on a general note, price of any other brand phone, decreases 20% with in 3 months of its launch. It becomes half with in a year or stop being available in the market. However if you are selling or buying an old phone, you are just increasing the shelf life of the cell phone. Its good to keep it moving.

2. Be nice to environment:

Mobile phone are made of lots of toxic material like silicon and other material which poison the soil. Be nice to your environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Save money:

Weather you are selling or buying an old phone, you are saving money. Remember for lot of people main purpose of cell phone is to make or receive calls. No matter how many new facilities are added to them every day, making and receiving calls is the primary objective of all cell phones. Hence for few people its more advisable to buy old phones as not only that will save money but will also fulfill their purpose.

4. Help those who cannot afford to have new phones:

There are still lot many people out there who cannot afford to have mobile phones as they cannot afford it. By selling your old phone, you are helping them to buy a phone at the price which they can afford to.

Here are some of the links and website where you can sell or buy second hand cell phones.

  • - excellent website for buying or selling old electronics items including cell phone.
  • -- For second hand branded unlocked mobile phone
  • -- Give good proce for your old mobile phones
  • -- Recycle and give back money for your old mobile phone.
  • -- Good website for recycling your mobile phone
  • -- Sell your old mobile phones for good price here.

I hope you like this hub Why should I sell or buy old mobile cell phones? If you have any suggestions, please use the comment box below. If you want to contact me, reach me at


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