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Internet is fun but crazy too

Updated on June 27, 2015
Arthur Nwokolo profile image

Arthur graduated from Modibbo Adama Federal University,Yola-Nigeria in 2011 with years of working experience and loves blogging online.


It is seen by many to be the best thing to have ever happened to mankind since the new millennium (year 2000) but to me I see it as crazy and educative too. Yes I mean crazy!!

I took a dictionary (Cambridge version) to look up the meaning of Internet and luckily they gave me the meaning that it is a large system of many connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other- and I was like…just that? I wanted a more concise definition and I went to Wikipedia online and just take a look at the definition of internet from them.

“It was defined as a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite(TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide.”

Hmmm…but deep down within me I knew internet was more than just communication especially when you have good guys like Yahoo mail, google search engine etc and bad guys like,, etc (yeah you know what I mean already)

Just recently a friend of my told me something weird that I can actually search for anything on the (Google) internet and must see it, I argued that but after what it seems to have heated up I decided to try out. Being an African and a lover of Nigerian delicacy I decided to google search on how to prepare ‘eba and oha soup’. I was dump-founded when I saw my delicious meal and different ways of how to prepare it live on the internet (much as I was salivating and gazing at all the beautiful pictures that was attractive before me). And I was convinced that internet is more than just a communication.

It never ended there as I picked interest and wanted to explore more. I decided to go crazy and search for “how to poo-poo” (which is a common word in this part of the world) , that’s right- I could imagine what you are thinking right now. Just when my friend taught I was also crazy, boom!!! Right there in front of us we saw crazier things.

Another focus point is the social media. Everyone reading this article knows as much as I do that the advent of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others have made the internet a lot crazier. Trendy stuffs like the so called ‘selfie’, ice-water bath, my ‘boo or bae’, and many other Photoshoped pictures have appeared on the social media. The one that got my attention was during the World Cup 2104 in Brazil when I saw on someone’s twitter handle a picture of the famous Jesus Christ artwork in Rio de Janeiro jetting out after Brazil was humiliated 7-1 by eventual winners Germany (that was ridiculous).

But there is a twist to this internet topic, just recently I heard a strange news from a friend of mine who said he read somewhere that scientists actually predicted about the internet crashing in the year 2035. "For example, in early 2007 Asia experienced a series of earthquakes that damaged undersea cables that caused wide Internet and phone related issues in that part of the world. However, the remainder of the world still had access to the Internet", a source wrote on computer hope.

This got me thinking and I went on a research spree but I will not discuss that now because I would love people and my fellow readers to make research about this too. But what I must not fail to mention is, what would be our fate if the internet eventually crashes? Whether this speculation is true or not, I will still wish to advice internet users especially students to be careful and wise about what they do online (it could be your business, information, secret files or anything at all)



The use of social media in the internet has added a lot of values to people’s life while helping them make informed choices and decisions.

According to surveys, China has the highest number of internet users while USA comes second, then Japan in third position. These users could either be using the internet for business, fun or worst still creating, posting and browsing crazy stuffs.

Country with the most Internet Users



Cast your vote for How do you rate the use of internet in your country?

But in spite of all these negativities associated with internet, one can still say that internet ushered in another era in widespread media information, improving man’s standard of living and comfortability especially among scholars and tertiary students around the globe with respect to ease on research work.

For example in the just concluded April 2015 elections in Nigeria, the ruling party People Democratic Party (PDP) was ousted out of power after sixteen years in government by All Progressive Congress (APC). It was rumored that the then opposition party leaders of APC hired an expert in media from United States to battle and wrestle power from PDP. It indeed yielded expected results as APC used widespread social media propaganda via internet for campaigns for the first time in Nigeria politics. And for the first in the country’s political history, the APC candidate Buhari won the Presidential election with a massive margin of about 3 million votes against the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP. Power of the Internet.

Also in recent years, education especially in the tertiary institutions has been made a lot easier with the use of internet (pictured below). The introduction of e-learning has made students life better especially off campus or part-time students.

Internet Photos

Students learning with the internet
Students learning with the internet | Source

How the use of internet evolved

So as still part of my advice, whenever I log on to the internet I try as much as possible to maintain discipline. What do I mean by that? Yes it’s that simple, try to make a list of what you are to do on the internet (for online business guys) and if you are just logging on to read news or chat with any social media be careful of what you share and propagate because so many people have landed into trouble for sharing or posting things without first verifying them. Just like the other day I stumbled upon a news flash online that said “Will Smith is dead” and surprisingly I saw another days ago that says ‘Jackie Chan is dead”. When I opened those link, to my deepest dismay I saw it was just a website looking for a cheap traffic. In as much the Internet is full of fun, one should also be wise on what they post and share on them.

How do you use the internet

Do you think most people use the internet genuinely?

See results

Students should engage themselves on meaningful use of the internet such as in their research works, chatting in a creative forum with friends and doing genuine online businesses.

But frankly writing, there is more to this Internet craziness we’ve never seen and I believe is yet to come.


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