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Why thrive themes would be the best toolbox for the online marketers.

Updated on August 10, 2016

Wordpress is the Popular Content management system & which is surely one of the most easy platform to manage your contents. Wordpress implemented with the wide range of functionally that people use it without any hesitation.

There are many Wordpress Company that provides Wordpress Themes and plugins like Themeforest, Codecanyon, Mythemeshop And Most popular Thrive themes.

If you are planning to start your new online Business , Must be you will start with Wordpress. Mentioned earlier it’s most popular platform, you should know, Indian priminister prime minister lalit modi use the Wordpress for his personal website.

But, The question is how you will pick your desire wordpress Themes or what should be considered when you are choosing the Wordpress Company.

In this step you have to be focused some of the points & making decision cleverly.

Normally, From themeforest you have to pay &50 to $70 per Wordpress theme you want to buy and themeforest don’t support any Discount coupon or any Membership plan that you can use multiple themes.

Mythemeshop cheaper than Themeforest But mythemeshop support coupon code and their membership plan also good to use their all of the themes and plugins under the existing membership plan.

But all of them I keep ahead thrive themes because some of the core reasons that every professional marketers need.

First of all thrive themes is the complete set of wordpress themes and plugins.

Thrive themes

Thrive themes implemented for the easy integration with the users. You might be know that thrive themes very very popular to the blogger and online professionals. Normally, thrive focus on the usability of the themes more than functionally that user can adapt with it.

You may aware about Focus theme, rise theme etc.

Another good news is, recently thrive updated all of their themes and now they are woocommerce integrated. If you are already a thrive themes user can update you wordpress theme and make products shop on you website.

Why you should choose thrive themes – Membership plan

Thrive has more than 10 Wordpress themes & some amazing Plugins like, thrive content builder, thrive leads plugin, thrive landing page plugin, thrive clever widgets, thrive headline optimizer etc.

As a professional, You have to use all of the plugins as well, Because they are SEO and marketing plugin.

Thrive has a complete set of Wordpress Starting tools. The pricing of thrive themes and plugins starting from &49 up to $97 per plugin.

Thrive themes don’t support any coupon code but they offer some discount price occasionally.

If you want to use all of their themes and plugins you have to pay more than $1100.


Thrive themes membership really amazing, For personal use all of thrive themes and plugins you have to pay only $228 per year.

It’s really cheaper! Isn’t It?

Let’s move to the thrive other plugins…..

Thrive content builder

After thrive themes, the content builder most popular tool. Thrive content builder is the on page seo tool to builder your post page with the smart design that your audience love to read. As a professional there is no way to avoid the thrive content builder plugin.

Thrive leads plugin

Thrive leads is the pop-up email listing plugin. Email listing is the another important method to build a strong community. Thrive leads plugin could be your first choice for listing.

You can use thrive leads for your product pop-up call to action button on your website. There are many default templates available here.

Thrive landing page plugin

Another invention of thrive themes, to make your web pages as a sells funnel landing play a vital role. Without good looking web pages it’s impossible to attract your customers.

Cpa Marketing, Affiliate marketing, offer page making thrive landing help you a lot, No problem what’s you web page about. Thrive landing page plugin has 100 of default templates.

Thrive clever widgets plugin

A clever way to increase your website conversation rate. Thrive leaver widgets comes with Clever functionality that shows the relevance advertisement to your Audience.

Normally, We have made different post on our website therefore, lot of different audience visit our website but our sidebar Ads/Call to action always same. So, Thrive clever widgets plugin make the job easier to showing different ads according to the tags, categories, post, pages etc. And maintenance of this plugin really easy.

Thrive Headline optimizer Plugin

You have only 5 seconds to attract the visitors to click your to read. That means, Here title of the article important, people first read the title first if the title attractable then they will click the link.

To optimize your headline of any article the thrive headline optimizer plugin really very interesting to generate useful titles for your post.

Bottom Line

So, it is the short review of thrive themes, plugins, Membership with thrive themes discount. We believe that, As a smart marketer thrive themes tools would your first choice. And thrive themes discount help you to use all the tool very cheaper rate.



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