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Kindle - Why Buy One?

Updated on July 1, 2011


Why I choose a Kindle over a regular Book

Well Good afternoon, So I was sitting here thinking - "I really want to type something" And I've decided to tell you why I recommend you get a kindle. Why you should choose to have one to be a part of your life. From my own personal experience of course.

I think it was almost a year ago the new Kindle 3G Wi-Fi came out. I remember reading all the reviews of every "E-Reader" available and had decided to go with the Kindle. Even with it competing against the new Nook that Barnes and Noble had just come out with.

Why not an I-Pad or Nook

  • You see, I wasn't looking for an I-Pad or an I-Pod "Wannabe" I was looking for something that was solid, that the glitches had been worked out of, that was reliable, and could hold it's own when demanded. The Nook although, sexy and sleek to look at, the screen was sort of a problem, it reminded me too much of a gadget, something I didn't want when reading, too many extras, games, color, etc... If I wanted to play a game I would just go for a game on my Xbox360 and play whatever version of Modern Warfare is out. If I wanted to see something in color I would turn on my Macbook Pro and check out the internet or work on Photoshop editing pictures. Nay, what I wanted was something I could read with, light, easy access, excellent storage, great battery life. The Nook, just didn't have it, read reviews about eyes aching after a while of looking at it because of the screen, other reviews said it crashed, others said it would just freeze, etc...

Price, Size, Weight, 3G Wi-Fi or just Wi-Fi

  • Not the kindle. The kindle had been around for a while - although the 3G Wi-Fi was appealing, I opted for the Kindle Wi-Fi only. Lets be honest here, at the time the price was $139 for the Kindle Wi-Fi and $189 for the 3G. Ya, I couldn't really picture myself driving or heading somewhere and thinking to myself, "Man, I sure wish I had access to the internet right now via 3G so I can download another book." Not at all, I'm more of the type who downloads my books ahead of time, about 10 or so at a time, Store them on my 500GB Seagate Portable External Hard Drive along with my movies and then upload them to my Kindle. It's a heck of a lot easier that way anyways. Not to mention if you know where to look, you can figure out how to get books for free and if not they're usually a lot cheaper then what you would normally pay for a paper version of a book. So like I said, paying the $139 for a portable lightweight e-reader that I could take anywhere with me, was a heck of a deal. By the way it's selling on Amazon for only $114 now, excellent deal, I've convinced my fiance's folks and my folks all to get one. Unfortunately I'm now stuck searching for books for them once in a while, haha.

Battery Life

  • The other appealing factor with the Kindle, was the battery life. It's amazing, With a full charge, you can continuously read for 30days straight, it takes so little battery life to read. The only time battery life is really being used is when you push the button to scroll. I've read probably over 100 books on this kindle and only charged it twice fully since I got it. Can't complain there.


  • To be honest, I love this thing, and I do really love the feel and smell of books. But can I travel with a few thousand books with me? Heck no, or yes? I guess I can, on my kindle I can store as many books as I desire, it takes up such little space, I go everywhere with it. No matter which book I choose it always saves the last page I was on, even if I go back out and choose another book, if I came back it would still book mark each place for me in each book. I flew to Nicaragua with it, I take it to church if I don't want to take regular bible with me, I can save passages or sentences and load them up on my computer for quotes. Just so easy to use, lightweight so my arms don't grow weary after several hours of reading.

Don't forget a Case!

  • Of course, I recommend you pick up some kind of case - At the stores they sell for about $30, but I picked a crazy digital version for $4, I guess it was new and they were trying to get it on the market, so now it's about $12 for a crazy digital leather case. It's sturdy and reliable, can throw my kindle in it's case without any concern of it cracking or breaking. Just for my own pure entertainment I also through a sort of historical looking globe decal on it for extra protection from scratches, but its just a cosmetic thing for my eyes.

The Secret to Solving your Format Conversion Issues! Calibre!

  • Last but not least I have a secret to share with you about the formats that you can read in. Say you're one of those Folks who's saying, sure it's great, but some of the books can only be found in this format or that. Such as if you're looking for a book, but only barnes and noble carries it, so it's in the Nook format. Here's the secret, I found the ultimate converter, and it's free! You can convert every format over to .Mobi format, which is what the Amazon Kindle uses best. Go here to download it if you end up purchasing a kindle! The Link Show Below!

So there ya go! Hopefully I've given you some real excellent reasons to go out and get yourself a Kindle! Please feel free to ask any questions, I'll try my best to help you in any way I can! I've also added the links to my set up, at the bottom of the page for you to check them out yourself!


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