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Why you should buy a bigger TV - Big size TV better than small size TV for your family

Updated on April 24, 2017

So, why you should buy a bigger TV than buying a smaller TV? I understand its hard to imagine the advantage of bigger flat TV over smaller TV. But believe me, there are benefits of having a bigger TV. Apart from that screen size of the TV is also dependent on the size of the room and the placement of your TV and viewing angle. Also the distance between yourself and the TV also decides the size of the TV you buy. In fact I have always heard people wishing that they should have bought bigger TV but never heard anyone complaining about the bigger screen size. So, lets see why you should always buy a bigger screen flat TV....

1. Its a Living room appliance

Yes, as per the research, more than 70% of the population still watch television in their drawing room. So if you watch a TV in your living room and more than 2 person are watching, then there is no fun in watching on a smaller screen. Also there are chances that due to insufficient angle, for some of them it may not be visible.

2. Healthier to watch on a bigger screen

Its also beneficial for your health and eyes to have a bigger screen size TV. The size of screen is dependent on how far you are sitting from the TV. This means, if you have a small screen TV, then you will tend to sit very near to it while watching. However, if you have a big screen flat LED TV, you and your family can sit far enough from the TV and yet enjoy it. Sitting near to the TV will mean that you will be attacked by harmful radiation and it will affect your eyes as well. Experts advise that you should sit at least 5-6 feet away from the TV. Although this advise has not been updated since the era of cathode ray tube TV and the newer TV technology emits low radiation, its still advisable to maintain good distance between yourself and TV.

3. Brings family together

TV plays a big role in bringing family together to the drawing room. Small TV means that your family members may prefer having personal TV in their bed room. However if you have big 42 plus inch flat LED TV in your home, not only it will force your family to come to living room to watch programs but it will enhance the overall enjoyment you can have. Just imagine your entire family watching a football match, enjoying and shouting and having food at the same time in the living area. What a joy!!

4. And they say, Bigger is better

When it comes to appliances like fridge or TV, bigger always better. When today, even phone companies are fighting to give you bigger screen for your smart phone, why not bigger TV. And its better in terms of money as well. It is far cheaper to buy a big 42 inch flat LED TV than to buy two 22 inch smaller TV. And again, your viewing experience in watching anything on big screen is always better on big screen..

So go ahead, buy a super big screen TV, and enjoy that soccer match with your friends and family..

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