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Why you should consider developing for Google Wave

Updated on November 25, 2009


Google Wave Logo
Google Wave Logo


I have no doubts that Google Wave is the best web based service launched this year. Even though it's on a demo preview, it's already usable and really useful.

The main point of Wave is the interaction in real-time. Not just typing like an email, or an instant messenger, but all kind of interection. It accepts extensions (let's call it applications), where you can interate with anybody, or even better, everybody.

See? There's no limit. Creativity still exists on Web, and that is what makes Twitter this fantastic tool, and what will make Wave even better.

If you don't know what Google Wave is, you should watch the following video.

What's Google Wave?

Developing for Wave

According to Mashable, Google will launch an App Store for Wave. Can you understand the power of that? You'll be able to sell applications made to Google Wave. Of course they will accept free application. Which means you can still make money using Google's Adsense.

Just imagine an app based on real-time interactions and using Open Social API? And even more, using any other Web-based API? Like Maps, Search, Videos... I told you, creativity is the only limit.

If you want to learn how to develop for Wave, go to Google Wave Developer Guide.


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