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Get your iPhones, Everybody get your iPhones

Updated on July 13, 2015

Smart phones are taking over the cell phone industry. Soon they will probably be the only form of cell there is. With an iPhone you have everything you need in one device. You have a means of communication, e-mail, internet, gps, calender, alarm clock, games, camera, video camera. There's even an app game for popping zits! I have an iPhone and use it for several things. If I want to chat on my Yahoo messenger or facebook, I just log on and use it the same way as I would my PC. The iPhone is so advanced that you can even have game applications that respond to the iPhone moving. There are maze games and so many other cool apps that work with this feature. Say my computer shuts down for some reason when trading stocks online, I just go to my iPhone and sign in with it. I never skip a beat.

Another interesting and convenient thing about the iPhone is that many areas are going to 3G coverage, giving you fast internet access service. You can take your iPhone to a lot of fast food restaurants and shopping centers and use their wi-fi connections. The possibilities with this device are endless. While the new iPhone is a little pricey, you can get the old version of iPhone, in most cases, for $100 in certain places. I can not think of a more ingenious invention over the course of cell phone history. Sure other Smart Phones are nice, but the iPhone truly trumps all the others.

The reason for the iPhone being the elite Smart Phone lies within one category - Apps. There are countless applications you can purchase or get for free right from your iPhone. No need to connect the phone to the computer, it downloads straight from the app store. There are apps for virtually anything you can think of. Paper football, basketball, baseball, stock quotes, poker, mirrors, flashlights, music, google search, yahoo search, movies, restaurants, tv listings. Those are just a few. If you have never handled an iPhone, I strongly encourage you to find a friend that has one and ask if you can check it out for a few minutes. I promise you will want one for the next phone you get.


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    • profile image

      khmohsin 6 years ago

      Amazing hub with excellent information. I love iphone, apple really makes superb products. I appreciate your effort to share this useful information with us.

      Keep it up.


    • triosol profile image

      triosol 6 years ago

      Great Article.