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Why your Windows 7 computer slows down over time

Updated on February 25, 2015

One of the main causes of Windows 7 computers slowing down is startup items. Startup items are links or entries in the Windows registry that point to an executable to run when Windows starts. These slow Windows down because Windows is actually running every single program specified by a startup item. The more startup items you have, the slower your computer will be.

Also, malware, adware, and viruses usually use startup items. This is so they can start every time you start your computer and do malicious things. This means that disabling startup items might take care of some of your virus problems, too!

To make your computer fast again, disable almost all (or even better, all) of your startup items. This does not actually delete the program; it just prevents the program from starting with your computer. You can still just double-click on the program's icon to run it. You can manually disable startup items through MSCONFIG. However, there is a very easy way that I like to use to disable startup items and speed up Windows 7. This is to download a program called PC-Popper. Click on this link to get it for free for thirty days. It will easily speed up your computer for you. If you do decide to download it, here are instructions on how to use it to disable your startup items:

1. Go to

2. Save the free trial to your computer and run it.

3. Say "Yes" if Windows ask for your permission to continue.

4. Follow the instructions on screen. (Do not worry about PC-Popper installing any third-party software, I have installed this on many computers, and it never even asks to install anything but PC-Popper and some plugins that go with it.)

5. Once the installer finishes, click on the Speed Up button. The Speed Up will automatically disable unnecessary startup items.

6. Once Speed Up completes, reboot your computer so the changes will take effect.

I hope that this information will allow you to speed up your computer without spending a ton of money on computer repair services. Please post any questions you have, and I will be glad to try to answer them.



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