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Why your computer may be running slow.

Updated on July 30, 2013

Out of nowhere

Your computer has been running great for a long time and you wake up one morning, boot it up, and it takes forever to do anything on it all day.

You figure it's just a bad day but it keeps acting up and running like a turtle for days and you wonder "what is going on?"

Sometimes it is just the computer hardware going bad. Most of the time it is what is put on the computer that slows it down and makes life miserable.

What you can do

Before you go out and spend massive amounts of money getting your computer looked at and fixed, you may want to try these few steps first.

  • REBOOT. First and foremost, reboot! Do you keep your computer on all the time? It needs to be rebooted...daily!
  • Do you have many programs running at once? This could be how many windows you have open at one time or how many programs you have running in the background and start up bar at the bottom of the computer.
  • Have you downloaded any new music or software? If so then you could very likely have a virus OR installed a new tool bar.
  • How many security programs do you have running? Check in your add/remove programs list on the "my computer" and see if you have more then one installed.
  • Have you watched any "FREE" TV online. Free meaning, not on Netflix or Hulu but watching with other platforms that may require you to do "daily deals" or submit other forms of personal information before you are allowed access.

You can take care of some of these yourself, and you don't have to be a computer professional to do it.

  • Close some programs and only have the ones open you absolutely need. Having multiple web pages open or having many programs open can cause your computer to delay.
  • Free music is always nice until you get a virus. Is the free music really even free when you have to pay $100 or more to get your computer fixed? If you can fix your computer yourself and remove viruses, isn't your time worth money? Music is rather inexpensive, it's worth paying the $0.99 for a song and having a less of a chance getting a virus.
  • Tool bars are every where and everyone claims theirs is the best. The fact is that they SLOW your computer down ridiculously. Some of them are so hard to remove and you are left with stuff on your computer even after you uninstall it. The easiest thing to do is uncheck the free toolbar box. Your regular Internet tool bar is great. Search engines work fine. Leave the tool bar out of the shopping cart.Lot's of times people don't even realize that they have more then one extra toolbar. That can slow the computer down even more. Use your add/remove programs list to see how many tool bars you have.
  • Antivirus software is a great tool. Even thought a lot of the same companies are putting out the viruses to make their software needed, that's another hub in itself, the antivirus software can help you, but is not fool proof. Do you have more the one running? It may seem like a great idea to have more then one, but in fact it SLOWS your computer down dramatically. It does NOT double protect you either. Use one, keep it up-to-date, and you will be good. Life happens, viruses, happen, even with software to protect, but more then one does not help. If you change your antivirus software be sure to remove the old. Just having both installed will slow it down. Again, use your add/remove programs list to see how many you have.
  • Watching free TV can seem like a good idea. It is a great idea on legitimate programs like Netflix and Hulu. It is not the best idea elsewhere. Any TV platform that wants you to sign up with information or do deals to watch is more then likely adding viruses and other "stuff" to your hard drive that you do not want. It may even take a few weeks or months to really infect your computer, but it does happen, and a lot! These companies can also secretly add a toolbar to your computer and you don't even know it til it's there. I have done that before. I also did that right after I had my computer "cleaned" and windows reinstalled. It took 1 day and I had to have it done again. I avoid them like the plague now!

Tried everything and no help?

If your computer does not run better after troubleshooting yourself then you will have to seek help. Staying clear of the problems I listed above will help you not be as much at risk for viruses, and a slow computer. Nothing is 100% effective, but if you can lower your risk factor then why not?


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