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Why your template wont update in Wordpress

Updated on August 13, 2010

Wordpress theme troubles

Wordpress theme troubles
Wordpress theme troubles

 There are several reasons why your Wordpress template may not be working. Since the recent updates to version 3 not a whole lot has changed on the theme technical side- at least that it hasn't created a massive about of new 'problems' with instaling and using themes.

 Today I'm going to go over 2 reasons that you might find your template either stops working or won't update when you make a change.

1. Changes aren't showing up when you check your blog

 This problem can be most frustrating. You make changes to your blog, then click "view blog", yet nothing has changed since before. No matter what you try, refreshing or making even more changes, nothing seems to work.

 The answer can be one of many things. Here's some possible solutions:

 - Your cache is showing you the way your site was earlier. An internet cache will save details of a page to make them load easier. Simple go to your internet options in your browser and choose to "clear cache". After this try reloading your page and see if the changes have been made. Another way to attempt this without clearing you cache is to try opening your blog with another browser.

- Your Wordpress cache is preventing the page from loading properly. To fix this problem, simply go to your Wordpress admin panal and down the bottom, under "Settings", click "WP-Cache" and then "Disable." Now try loading your page and see if the changes are updated.

- One final solution, should the others fail, is to "CHMOD" your files. "CHMODing" basically involves giving your files "permission" to write on your server. This is handy for example when you are trying to upload a new header or banner to your site. Sometimes the banner will not show up, or will look like a "broken image" and this can be due to your files not having sufficient "privileges." Solving this is fairly simple. You will need what is called an "FTP" program, which is a program used for transferring files from your computer to your website server. Once you log in to your program (google "How to log into FTP" if you are not quite sure how) the contents of your website will show up. Find the wordpress theme you are using and make the files inside it CHMODed by right clicking and selecting "properties" or "permissions"... Make the permissions 775 or 777 until all the "write" boxes are ticked (depending on your program. But making the number 775 or 77 should do the trick.

 Another reason your template may not be working right is that it is not fully compatible with the new Wordpress, or that parts of it are not compatible with the new Wordpress. The key here is to find the publisher of the theme or plugin's website and search through their support to find out if they are compatible with the new Wordpress. If not, you should start searching for a new theme or plugin that will be just as useful or even more useful then the one before.

Overall, good luck with your Wordpress blogs!


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      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      This is a great hub, well-written and very precise about describing the problems and solutions.