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What is SEO- Search engine optimization?

Updated on November 16, 2013

History of seo, search engine optimization

content providers began optimizing websites in the search engines in the middle of-1990, From the start of search engine optimization , all that the content producers needed to do was to submit the url of a webpage to the different search engines which would send a so called "spider" to "crawl" on that page (read the content on the page), .that way they were able to extract links to other pages , and capture information found on the page so that it could be indexed in the search engines. When the content got indexed it got more exposure, because of an improved search engine ranking.

Search engines and ranking

Google is the most used and most popular search engine,as you propably already know.

However the search engines from Bing and Yahoo are also two important search engines to take into consideration when we are talking about search engines and search engine optimization.

It is important to rank well and get indexed at yahoo and Bing to be able to get a hight search engine ranking at Google and vice versa.

What is important when rank your content in the search engine?

Here are some important parts of creating good seo:

  • Always do a keyword research before creating your content.
  • Syndicate your content: share your content on multiple social sites,create backlinks to your content.
  • Add new quality content frequently
  • The content should always be of high quality and adding value for the reader

It is very important to choose good keywords,keywords that many people are searching for through the search engines. Because once you have optimized your SEO for your content using the keywords of your choice,when people search for those keywords then hopefully the link to your content will show up at the top of the search results. You should always choose keywords that many people are performing searches for in the search engines.That is why you should use a keyword tool like Googles adwords to see statistcs for your chosen keywords.

However sometimes it can be a good idea to choose keywords that have just about 1000 searches a month in the search engines,this is because this way you will be separating yourself from the competition. Because then you will not have that high amount of competition for those keywords. What do I mean by that? Well you should try to find keywords that have low competition because then it will be easier for you to get that targeted traffic to what you are sharing,and also it will be easier for you to rank your content high in the search engines.

A goode keyword tool to use is Google Adword.There you will see how many people that are searching on a monthly basis for your keywords,and the level of competition for those keywords.

If you are blogging you should use different kind of blog forums like networkedblogs to syncornize your content.

There you can submit your blog and get other bloggers to interact with you and this way improve your search engine rankings for your content. But it must be quality comments,with that I mean that the comment should mention your keywords,this way the search engines will rank the content better because they see it as quality content this way..

Google and other search engines will recieve a signal when someone is leaving a quality comment at your blog or website and this way rank your content better.

The more quality comments you receive at your blog posts,the better.

You should also share your content to as many social sites as possible,the search engines will be notified about this and this way your contents search engine rankings will improve.

Using backlinks to your content is a very effective way to rank better in the search engines,therefor you should connect with other bloggers or internet marketers that is writing about the same subjects as you.

Then you can ask them for a backlink to your posts,but remember you should of course link to some o theirs content first,that way they will be more eager to backlink to YOUR content.

Share the url to that blog post or article where you have linked back to their content,

to prove that you actually have linked back to them


Social media and seo

Social media sites(social platforms)like Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest,Google+ are examples of sites that will help the search engine rankings for your content. t is very important that you use these social sites to get traffic to your content. However what is new with Googles search engine rankings nowadays is that they more appreciate the value of the content instead of just the keywords. So if they see a lot of backlinks to your content then they will regard it as appreciated by others,and therefor rank your content higher . As I have mentioned earlier in this article, Google and other search engines will then get a signal about this and will recognize your content as valuable and of high quality.

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