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Wi-Fi: Get the latest technology in your pocket

Updated on December 26, 2016

The best devices which offer Wi-Fi connectivity and browser, also check out the prices (as on 18/09/2008 market prices)

Archos 705

Who needs a portable media player when you can have an internet media tablet? The Archos 705 might not have the drop-dead good looks of an I Pod Touch, but when it comes to surfing capabilities, it leaves other devices far behind. You have a choice of 160 GB or 320 GB, besides the 7- inch touch screen on ARM cortex processor, Adobe flash 9 video support and full email application. If you want more, there are plug-ins galore, especially if you want to watch TV on the move or transfer content to watch on TV.

Price: $450 (160 GB) $550 (320 GB)

I Pod Touch

It's a good thing Steve Jobs and others at Apple don't believe in resting on their laurels. Otherwise, we'd still be drooling over the click wheel on the classic I Pod instead of being blown away. What sets it apart is that it is Wi-Fi enabled and comes loaded with the Safari browser. The pinch-and-expand function allows you to zoom in and out of a page. Subscribe to mobile Me and you can keep your email, contacts and calander up tp date with your Mac or Pc.

Price: $350 (8 GB), $426 (16 GB), $529 (32 GB)

Sony PSP

Gamers drool over what is considered one of the best portable gaming consoles. For others, the playstation portable is a great way to stay connected using a pocket-sized device. It has a 4.3 inch scree, built-in skype calls, location free TV to keep radio and you can still play the games.

Price: $193

Cowon Q5W

The portable internet device seems made for your car. For, besides the standard browser options, the Cowon Q5W comes with a voice-enabled messenger service and an optional GPS reciever antenna and an FM transmitter. Switch for audio playback on a vehicle radio. Plus, there is a wireless remote control. Want more? Check out the built-in FM radio and recorder, voice recorder with internal microphone, built in stereo speakers, Tv-out supporting components, S-video and composite connections.

Price: $430, $513

Nokia N810

And you thought Nokia only made phones? The N810 is an internet tablet and is considered one of the best in its class. It has all that matters-internet calling, instant messaging, email, built-in web camera, integrated GPS, 2 GB internal memory (Upgradable to 8 GB with mini SD and micro SD cords), Wimax radio and seamless software updates. You also get an integrated QWERTY keyboard, touch screen display and a Flash plug-in.

Price: $490


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    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 9 years ago from Piece of land!

      tambrab2007 thankyou for your insights. appreciate it!

    • tambrab2007 profile image

      tambrab2007 9 years ago

      It amazes me how all this technology now fits in your pocket. Our family is an Archos family as my husband uses his Archos and I sell them. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cleanclover profile image

      Cleanclover 9 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you eddie

    • profile image

      Eddie Perkins 9 years ago

      Very informative. Thank you. ~ eddie