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Will Humans Colonize Mars by 2050?

Updated on October 26, 2016


Picture Taken of Mars by a Orbiting Satellite
Picture Taken of Mars by a Orbiting Satellite

Is it Possible to Colonize Mars?

Before answering whether we will be able to reach Mars by 2050, we must know if we can reach Mars at all.

Some people will think differently. There are those who believe such travel will never be accomplished. Then there are those, myself included, who believe space travel is the way of the future.

If we humans can land on the Moon, then years later, I believe we should be able to land on Mars. The technology is available and there is a great group of smart engineers working on the task everyday.

Could Humans Survive on Mars?

Naturally, no. However, with some engineering it can become possible. I am about to give a theory on what the first astronauts on Mars would do. This is just one theory out of the many there are. To read all of the theories, I would recommend checking out some of Elon Musk's published novels. He states some of the ideas he has for the first astronauts on Mars.

The first astronauts on Mars would first conduct a few experiments. Find out what the surface and atmosphere is composed of. After doing this, they would need to find out how they are going to get food. Potatoes would be a great option. Especially considering, theoretically, you could live off of just potatoes your entire life.

Structures would be in place to house both agriculture and humans. These structures would contain what is found in Earth's atmosphere. Meaning they could take their space suits off when they are inside.

As more people come to Mars and technology advances, you would almost see an industrial revolution. New ideas from Earth being brought to Mars. Who knows, maybe we would find a way to completely change Mars' atmosphere. Making it like Earth's atmosphere. People could walk around and perform daily routines without the need for a space suit or any special equipment.

Of course, this is all just in theory. Though, theories have science behind them. Meaning, this event could likely occur.

Landing on Mars

Illustration of SpaceX Landing a Capsule on Mars
Illustration of SpaceX Landing a Capsule on Mars

Will we Colonize Mars by 2050?

This depends on your definition of "colonize." Will be have humans on Mars by 2050? Yes, I believe so. Will we have hundreds, even thousands of humans on Mars by 2050? No, I do not believe so. I am a huge space fanatic and have a very open mind to advances in technology.

I love the idea of colonizing mars. However, I do not think this will happen by 2050. I estimate that we will have about 3 manned missions to Mars by 2050. Each mission bringing about 10 people. I cannot envision hundreds or thousands of people living on Mars by then. To me, the timeframe for that is just unrealistic.

Then again, who knows. Maybe I am completely wrong. Maybe by 2050, there will be a million people living and colonizing on Mars. It all depends on if we make space travel a priority. (Check out my article on whether space travel should be supported, it is very interesting).

I just cannot see us colonizing Mars by 2050. I believe one day we will, but not in any of our lifetimes.

Mars Astronauts

People Working to Colonize Mars
People Working to Colonize Mars

Mars Colonization

Will Humans Reach and Colonize Mars by 2050?

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