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Will VoIP Change the Expectations of Customers?

Updated on October 25, 2012
VoIP - Changing Expectations
VoIP - Changing Expectations

VoIP – Changing the Industry

There is little doubt in anyone's mind that Internet-based voice communications is a major disrupter of the decades-old telephone PSTN system. Because it democratizes communications in a way never before possible. True, the phone system as it exists is easy enough to use and cheap enough for mass adoption as we all know. But there are several niggling problems that refuse to go away. For example, telephone numbers which are the universal means of contacting people are horribly locked down to devices and geographical locations. While it is possible to migrate a phone number from one device to another, the process is arduous and limited. A telephone number itself is not the most intuitive form of addressing someone. E-mails or simple usernames are much better.

Several other related issues such as being unable to migrate your call history and voicemail to new numbers or devices plague the telephone industry. So far however people have quietly put up with these inconveniences partly because of the reliability of the phone network and partly because we are so used to it that we don't think of improving it anymore. We tend to view the Internet and the phone systems as two completely disparate systems. Which is why we don't demand any integration such as being able to access our voicemails as MP3 downloads from our e-mail address.

A New Generation of VoIP Users

For many of us who have grown up with the traditional PSTN system it may be too late to change our expectations. However, an entirely new generation is arising who do not have this emotional baggage and see no good reason why two networks cannot interoperate with each other especially when they are both owned by the same company. These individuals expect much more from the PSTN phone provider because they are more used to VoIP whether it is chatting on applications such as FaceTime or contacting each other via the inbuilt software that their e-mail providers host. Programs like Skype have also played a major role in shaping people's expectations.

It is inevitable that telephone providers will have to modify their service in order to cater to these new demands. Failure to do so will cause them a steady attrition of customers as VoIP services continue to improve and offer features unavailable on the old network. To find out exactly how VoIP can benefit your business, contact a local VoIP phone service in Los Angeles. All you need to get started is sufficient Internet bandwidth as VoIP data usage scales with the size of your organization. Most of the hardware for VoIP in a hosted PBX setup is optional. You can get started in as little as 15 min.


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