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Windmill Generator – Saving the Planet and Your Pocket

Updated on July 13, 2010

With all these talks about global warming and sluggish economy, you can't help but think what you can do to help save the planet and maybe even your pocket.  And one of the ways you can help is to reduce your dependency on carbon-fuel-generated power by generating your own sustainable energy source.  A good way to reduce your dependency on dirty energy is to install a windmill generator or a wind turbine right in your home.

 The amount of electricity you can produce at home with a windmill generator depends on the blade’s diameter and the average wind velocity in your place.  The formula for computing your annual output is KWH/year = 0.01328 (D^2) (V^3) in which D squared stance for the blade’s diameter and V cubed stance for the average wind velocity.  Use this formula to calculate how much electricity and thus savings on electric bill you can make with your windmill generator.

 Using a properly built wind turbine is powerful enough to create electricity even if your place receives moderate wind velocity throughout the year.  To maximize the potential of your wind turbine generator, use a high standard battery to store the electricity generated while you’re not using it.  Your windmill generator will be busy storing up power to the batteries ready for you to use when you get back home from work.

 Wind turbines do not produce pollution to generate electricity; thus, you are saving the environment when you use wind turbines to generate power for home use.  You can save as much as 60 to 80 percent in your electric bill, and you’re also giving your share to save the planet while saving some dollars to your bank account.  In some states, you could even get sustainable energy tax credit for installing a windmill generator in your property.

 Installing another form of sustainable energy generation device for home use like solar panels can even completely substitute your electricity from the grid with some excess.  The law mandates your local utility to pay you some money if you throw this excess power back to the grid.  Not only will you eliminate your electric bill, you can even earn some few bucks with the excess electricity you’re throwing back to the grid.

 Investing on sustainable energy such as a windmill generator is really advantageous in the long-run both for you and the planet.  And what’s even better is that green source of energy investment cost is decreasing due to technology advancement and a share of the stimulus package allotted to sustainable energy.


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