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Window Film Saves Essential Energy

Updated on May 26, 2013

Window film saves essential energy. In the present times when global warming is a growing concern for all energy saving products are fast becoming popular. Window films of various kinds protect interiors from gaining heat which is suitable for warmer climates. There are window films that absorb heat and make for warmer homes which are suitable for cool climates. The ozone layer needs to be saved and energy saving will do that in large percentages.


Solar Heat Rejection

When you install window films you ensure a year-round solution for lowering heat, not allowing sun to enter your home interiors. Window films also come handy during winters by trapping heat and not letting it escape from homes. Heated houses can breathe sighs of relief as most window films claim 78% heat reduction. Places which are regarded as heat brewing zones can expect enormous heat prevention.


Saves on Cooling Costs

Air Conditioners emit a lot of heat that spreads across the earth’s atmosphere. Window films allow natural light to enter and prevent heat from entering the establishment. Being a retrofit window films are high on demand. Compared to other home decor such as drapes, shades, curtains and coolers, window film costs are most pocket-friendly. You will be able to see for yourself how much power and money you save throughout the year when you get window films for your home.


Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission

Air coolers and conditioners emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which can be completely prevented. Every year earth sees an overall increase in temperatures due to energy guzzlers like these. Using air conditioners is the only option left for people. This results in more heating of the earth’s environment. More the use of cooling machines more is the rise of heat on earth. Window films effectively reduce the use of air cooling items. Global warming can be effectively reduced. People must make it a point to lessen the use of air conditioners and air coolers. Damage done to the ozone layer is irreversible. A small and cost effective measure like window film will have great positive implications for the future generations to come.

Check for Energy Ratings

There are several environment friendly certifications such as National Fenestration Rating Council and Energy Star. Products with these certifications provide assurances for greater energy saving. Window films must be checked for energy ratings so that during summer (or in hotter climates) indoors remain effective cold. During cooler months (or in cold climate zones) window films must be able to provide hotter indoors. Climates with cool temperatures can have low energy window films installed which will insulate glass and retain the hot temperatures in homes.


Energy Saving

Solar energy comprises of visible light, Infrared and Ultraviolet Rays. Window films blocks the transfer of this energy. It reflects the solar energy back to the sun. Window film properties revolve around bringing alterations in reflection, absorption and transmission.

Surveys suggest that there will be a massive increase in the retrofit industry. Hotter temperatures will force people to switch to this smarter, better and cheaper alternative. Energy efficiency might be of less importance but cost savings is something of high importance for businesses and houses.

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