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Window media player mp4 codec - Free Download

Updated on November 4, 2010

What is a codec?

A codec (short for Compressor-decompressor) is a computer software program which encodes and also decodes digital signals.

Mp4 codec is capable of reading or writing files which are in an mp4 file format.

Why you need a Window media player mp4 codec.

Traditionally your windows media player is unable to read mp4 media files on its own.
So if you only have windows media player on you computer, you may find it impossible to play mp4 files. To open mp4 files, you need a codec to help your windows media player play these files.

Most HD video formats found or downloaded from the Internet today are in mp4 format. So you are going to need this codec if you use windows media player a lot for viewing video files on your computer.

One application which can help you is the MP4 Player 4.0.
Mp4 Player 4.0 is a free Mp4 Player that can search and install the correct codec which you don't have on your PC and then enable you to open and play mp4 video files.

About Mp4 Player 4.0

Some of the cool things you should know about Mp4 Player 4.0 :

  • It is a freeware, you don't have to pay anything for it.
  • It is simple to use, given it intuitive interface you will be up and running once it is installed.
  • Easy to install, it is a one-click install software.
  • It can install codecs and play mp4 video files. This is your ultimate aim, to get the necessary codecs which can help you play mp4 files.

Where to Download Window media player mp4 codec

You can download Window media player mp4 codec from any of these links:


(copy and paste the links in your browser to open download page)

Play MP4 in Windows Media Player11


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