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Introduction of Windows 10

Updated on December 3, 2014

There is no official explanation to Microsoft have "jumped" a whole generation of Windows. After all, when the world expected that the next version of the operating system was the 9 (successor to the current 8), the US company announced Windows 10. In the event it was explained that the next version had so many changes that had to be a more significant number. And this track is not as innocent as it may seem at first. The truth is that there is a very consistent rumor on the Internet that says that this new version will be free to anyone who has Windows 8 and even Windows 7.

If Microsoft chooses this route, already followed by Apple in the free distribution of Mac OS, Windows will became a free system. This will be a big change, but there is another equally important: Windows is the glue that comes unify the entire Microsoft ecosystem. This is a work that the company has been developing for some years. In fact, today, the Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows already share the same core (kernel). Each platform has its own aesthetic. So the interfaces of these systems are so different (although with common nuances). In the presentation of this trial you can see a picture with every type of device where the interface is changing smoothly, but it is always Windows 10. From a phone ... to a server.

Goodbye, Modern Ui... Hello, Start Button

With ears and eyes wide open, it must have been like this that Microsoft was, since it released Windows 8. This explains why the Modern UI is over, at least in personal computers. The "forced suicide" of the most destructive element of Windows, marks the triumphant return of a classic: the Start button. This has been the input of the system (since Windows 95) and it makes sense to return in all its fullness. In fact, it came back even better - at least that's what it seems since it was launched the technical preview - because now it also shows some dynamic tilesof the UI interface, organized by the user, these are shortcuts to apps and favorite softwares. It's a matter of habit, but it seems like it makes sense.

All different, all equal

One of the major changes in this Windows is how the system treats equally the root of programs designed for Windows and apps. In other words, both are shown with close and minimize buttons, for exemple. This full coexistence will greatly facilitate the life of companies that never loved having another desktop but Windows Classic. In fact, this technical preview, as the name implies, has always been a version for professionals. The microsoft has acess to the comments of these advanced users who can catch problems in this first phase and help them to fix it. The tests that are done in a business environment also helps to determine potential compatibility issues with applications that are already being used in organizations. The microsoft took feedback requests so seriously that when you use one of the new features of Windows 10, there is a dialog box where it askes if you wish to comment this news. We must not forget that Windows 10 should take the place that was being left by the end of Windows XP support. By the way, you can meet the premise of having a system that runs on all platforms.

Is it Worth it or Not?

An initial trial of the system was made available for download, named as Technical Preview, we will use it for the installation and demonstration.
Note that the Technical Preview version is not, in any way, the final version of the operating system, which can (and should) undergo several modifications until its official release. In the Microsoft's site we have the following definition of the prerelease software:
"Windows Technical Preview may be substantially modified before it is commercially released. The Microsoft makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software. "
Microsoft recommends the following system requirements for the installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview:

• Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher
• RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
• Free disk space: 16 GB
• Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
• A Microsoft account and Internet access

An important note about the Technical Preview: This version of the operating system will expire on 15 April 2015. From 1 April 2015 you'll start to receive Microsoft's warnings about the need to update your system to the final version.

Are you going to buy/use the next version of Windows?

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