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Windows 10 Won't Start Due to Side by Side Configuration Error

Updated on October 19, 2019

The Error message as I Tried to Go to my Router Page

Trying to Find the Problem and Fix It

There is nothing like the moment when your computer fails to perform the duties that you are so accustomed to it performing. The old taken for granted events. So, when I tried to log in to my Jetpack and was greeted with the news that my side by side configuration was messed up and my computer refused to connect with itself.

I googled what it meant to have my side by side configuration messed up, and it sent me into registry editor to check my winner file for the default file matching what it had. It did. So, then I had to go to my DOS and check for inner files for errors. They were fine. Then, I was instructed to go to Microsoft and download a couple C++ files to fix what was perhaps broken in mine. I went to my control panel and hit change and repair on the two files that I had.

Somewhere, as I hit download the C++ files, another message came up that instructed me to download a new Chrome browser. So, I did. When I got back to my desktop, I could actually access my Jetpack login screen, and everything was back to normal.

The Sequence of Events in Retrospect

The initial warning I ignored.
The initial warning I ignored.

Computer Specialist and Computer Geek is I

I am my own personal Geek Squad. I took computer programming classes way before there were laptop computers. I actually wasn't able to finish my programming degree because one of the teachers decided I wasn't logical enough to continue and told me to transfer credits to a more suitable career in Secretarial, which I ended up completing with a major in Word Processing.

I could type. I could do some programming. I just couldn't do something that required having something explained to me. Apparently, I was supposed to be able to find out my own information. Now a days, we have Google, and Google is patient and kind. Google is my friend. Smile.

Google for Answers

Even though I did not have internet connection through my icons on my screen, I was able to access the internet through my bing network next to my start button.

So, as I Googled for help, it instructed me how to go about finding out what needed to be confirmed before each step.

The first step was getting into my files to make sure my Winner file default matched what the latest number was. It did match, so that wasn't the problem. Then, it wanted me to check my files, so I went into a tool called System File Checker, sfc.exe, which brought me to a dos screen into which i typed scannow and it checked all my files in a scan. It gave me information on the status by telling me initially that it was '1st beginning verification phase of system scan.'

It took a while for it to complete the scanning of my internal files, but it came up after 100 percent and said things looked good. Then, a youtube video person told me to go to Microsoft and find the downloads for the Microsoft Visual C++ version 9.0 since my verification Winner file was in the 9.0 range, so that is what I had to find at Microsoft.

When I was clicking on the download for Visual C++, a message came up that I should download two files, one was a 32 file and one was a 64 file. Then, a message said that I should install a better Chrome file. I downloaded the new Chrome browser, and I don't think it ever downloaded the C++ files. At least it never told me it did.

Then, it restarted my computer. I went through the motions of logging in and when I connected to the internet, I was free of the side by side configuration error. Oh, Happy Day!


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