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Windows 7 Error: “The server is not responding properly. Verify that the Credential Manager server is installed"

Updated on June 18, 2013

This morning when booting my Windows 7 computer I was greeted an error stating: "The server is not responding properly. Verify that the Credential Manager server is properly installed on the target server" when trying to log in. Interestingly this we not the first time I had see the problem since a co-worker was having the exact same issue late the day before; unfortunately I abandoned him before I found out how he resolved the issue.

Upon searching the web I found that this problem is related to the security software installed by the OEM that, among other things, provides the biometric security and manages the "key ring" of stored credentials (i.e. user names and passwords).

Most articles and resolution talked about logging into the computer in safe mode to bypass the credential managers but there is a slightly easier method I found on my Windows 7 computer.

The first thing I did at the login screen was to choose the option to "Swipe finger to log on", of course this didn't work since the Credential Manager was not responding but within this screen there is an option that says "Log on with Wizard…" in fine print at the bottom of the screen.

Within the Wizard screen you will see a box with your user name, domain and password but you are looking for a "More…" option in the lower left hand corner of the screen, which upon selecting gives a drop-down menu with a check box stating "Do no lot onto the Credential Manager".

Upon selecting the option to bypass the Credential Manager I was able to type my user name and password to get into Windows.

While some of the horror stories I read went into grave detail about disabling the software, which I considered, but when I decided to document the resolution steps for my co-workers I rebooted the computer and the problem didn't reoccur. The only repair actions I took in between logging in and rebooting was going into the Credential Manager to see if there were any readily available options to disable the software if I needed to.

At this time I am leaving the Credential Manager software running since I have discovered how to bypass the "Verify that the Credential Manager server is properly installed on the target server" error and will take more aggressive steps to disable the software if the problem becomes more than an intermittent issue.


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    • profile image

      GAW Verbeeck 4 years ago

      The cause of the issue may be a microsoft start up program that is not running. The sollution is to run all avaialble startup programs and services through msconfig