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Windows 7 Installation: How to install Windows 7 Operating System on Your Computer or PC?

Updated on June 25, 2011

Windows 7 operating system is one of best choice for many people. If you already purchase the DVD of Windows 7 form any retailer or online store, you can easily install it from the Interactive Setup Wizard of Microsoft's. You just have to pass several steps to install Windows 7. This page contains the step by step installation procedure of Windows 7.

Windows 7 can be installed three ways. First and my best choice is to a clean installation (Windows 7 will be the only operating system of your computer). Second way is to upgrade any other Windows (Vista or Windows XP or others) to Windows 7. The third way is the dual-boot where Windows 7 will be installed besides with other operating system and there will be a boot menu at the start-up time to select any operating system to run.

Windows 7 installation guide (step by step)

Before installation Windows 7 on your PC, make sure you have a Windows 7 DVD and your hard drive has enough space and well formatted.

Now follow the following steps to install Windows 7 on your computer:

Boot-up your PC form the Windows DVD

  • At first, insert the Windows DVD into DVD ROM/RAM.
  • When the computer will start up, press F8 or F10 or F11 or DEL key to enter the BIOS setup.
  • Configure boot options by selecting DVD-ROM drive as the First Boot Priority.
  • Now, your computer will try to boot-up form the DVD ROM and the following screen will be appeared.

Select language, time, currency and keyboard

Wait for some time and then a Install Windows screen will be appeared. Select the language to which you want to install Windows 7 operating system. Later select the time and currency format. At last, you have to select the keyboard. Now, press the Next button. It looks like the following figure.

Select language, time, currency and keyboard from the drop down menu
Select language, time, currency and keyboard from the drop down menu

Install button

Install now button window will be appeared and click that button to start the installation of Windows 7.

Click on "Install now" button to begin Windows 7 installation
Click on "Install now" button to begin Windows 7 installation

You will see the message Setup is starting.... It means, the installation of Windows 7 is started.

Setup starting window
Setup starting window

License terms aggrement

  • Click on the check-box I agree the license terms to agree Microsoft software license terms and to install Windows 7 on your PC.
  • Click on the Next button.

Windows 7 license agreement window
Windows 7 license agreement window

Installation method selection

You can install Windows 7 by upgrading a newer version of Windows or by installing a new copy of Windows. I prefer the second choice. But if you have many programs on installed, then you may use the first method.

Windows 7 installation method selection
Windows 7 installation method selection

Installation location selecton

It's time to select the location of your hard drive to install Windows 7. If your hard drive is a brand new there will be no partition. You may create several partition and then select any partition to install Windows 7. After selecting partition, click on the Next button.

Hard drive space allocating for Windows 7
Hard drive space allocating for Windows 7

The installation of Windows 7 will be started. It will do the following tasks one by one:

  • Copying Windows files
  • Expanding Windows files
  • Installing features
  • Installing updates
  • Completing installation

Installation Window
Installation Window

Before finishing the above steps, your PC will be restarted several times. You don't need to do anything until you see the follwoing screen.

Now, you will see the message Setup is checking video performance. Windows 7 will automatically adjust the video performance.

Video performance checking window
Video performance checking window

Creating user name and computer name

  • Choose an user name. The user name will be used to use the computer.
  • Type your computer name. Computer name will help to distinguish your PC on the network.
  • Click Next button to advance.

Choosing user name and computer name
Choosing user name and computer name
  • Give a password of your PC in the Type o password text box which helps protect your user account from unwanted users.
  • You have to retype your password. This password must be same as the previous entered password. If don't match, you will see an error message.
  • Type a password hint field helps you to remember your password if you forget your password. I always recommend not to fill up this field.
  • After doing the above steps, click on Next button.

Password setting

Placing your password
Placing your password

Product key installation

  • Take you have to insert the product key of Windows 7. You can find it on a label included with the package that came with your copy of Windows. Sometimes, the label might also be on computer case. Just find it and type it in the PRODUCT KEY box.
  • Click on the Next button to move forward.

Setting Windows 7 product key
Setting Windows 7 product key

Choosing the form of installation

  • You will see the message Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically. I recommended to the first one i.e. Use recommended settings. If you do this all things will be updated and installed. You may update later. Then you can select Ask me later.

Time settings and network settings

  • Set your time and date settings.
  • Select your computer's current location. I prefer to select Public network. It will help you easy installation. Later you can set up your network easily.

Defining your PC location

  • Your computer may be connected to a network. So, Windows will try to apply the current networ5k settings based on network's location.

Finalizing settings

  • Very soon Windows will finished installing everything and you will see the screen with the message Windows is finalizing your settings.

Finalizing settings window of Windows 7
Finalizing settings window of Windows 7

Opening the desktop

  • Now, wait for a few minutes and you will see that the desktop of Windows 7 is in front of you.

Desktop of Windows 7
Desktop of Windows 7

By following the above steps, you can easily install Windows 7 on your PC. I try my best to explain all the installation steps of Windows 7. If you face any problem or if you don't understand any point then please tell me in the comment section. I will try my best to solve your problems.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      vijay 3 years ago

      /How-to-Format-a-Computer-and-Install-Windows-7 with hindi sceenshort step by step plz hallp Thank you..

    • profile image

      Anusha 5 years ago

      thanks alot..

    • profile image

      rajesh halder(india) 6 years ago

      instruction good for new user from windowXP to window7 . but their is no video display

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      Mevada vikram 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Lawry 6 years ago

      Helo, im usin home basic nd im tryin to upgrade to professional, so the instalation has stuck on the finalisin settings window. There's nothin i can do im stuck.

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      Kekel boris 6 years ago

      What is diffence between window7 with crack and window7 activator...

      Thank for the step..

      U r the best

    • profile image

      rakesh 6 years ago

      gud but videos are not available in inter net

    • profile image

      Prasath 6 years ago

      Hi, if ur installation instruction is very useful to me. Thank you..

    • profile image

      Vaio vgn-ar71m 7 years ago

      Hi! I am performing a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the problem: the last step, "Finalizing settings window of Windows 7" is requiring a lot of time, such as an hour... what i have to do? Rebboting the pc or stil waiting? Thank you very much!!!

    • profile image

      fordy23 7 years ago

      HI,, i'm using only the free trial version of windows 7 ultimate 32-bit,,im so thankful if you give me the activator for this.thanks..