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Windows 7 Print Spooler Keeps Stopping: The PC Glitch with a Cocktail-Style Solution

Updated on October 17, 2012
Netbook with Windows 7 embedded OS
Netbook with Windows 7 embedded OS | Source

Cheer up, there may be a Windows 7 print spooler repair at the end of the rainbow

An issue as dreadful as Windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping is pardon the pun, a real show stopper. Luckily, some business owners have survived to tell the tale after experiencing the problem first hand, but not until their bottom line had taken a direct hit. Just imagine a busy retail store with a humongous lineup of patrons waiting to get a copy of their special order invoice before they can pay up and walk out with their product.

Another victim could be a fairly large print shop: the Windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping, seemingly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of printing tasks. Customers would be shaking their heads in disbelief and in this scenario, the business owner cannot point the finger at Microsoft without incurring more ire from the growing crowd.

To say that the Windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping is tantamount to saying that a Windows Professional OS has bailed out on the job, but there could be a germ of truth in this explanation. Had Charles Darwin been alive today, he would have been especially enchanted with the arrival of Windows 7 as a testament to the survival of the species. Indeed, Bill Gates has come a long way since the cryptic MS-DOS.

One would think that natural evolution coupled with software upheavals over time would put a tremendous pressure on a technology giant in the same manner that the Earth exerts a pressure on a diamond. But the fact remains, glitches or quirks of nature do happen with any new release no matter how well intentioned and with no Windows 7 print spooler repair in sight.

Clearly, there is nothing wrong with rounding up the usual suspects while attempting to find a solution that could be definitely a Windows 7 print spooler repair; but some other possible culprits are the registry itself, Internet Explorer 9, ongoing OS updates, and the printer's very own software or drivers.

To start you on the troubleshooting path, begin with the assumption that it is, indeed a Windows 7 issue; follow the solution in one or two techie online threads. Still stumped? Look in the direction of Internet Explorer or your own printer software and its drivers. Next, disable OS updates temporarily and try to perform a system rollback. If you're still stuck, it's time to take the computer to a reputable repair shop. Truly, the Windows 7 Print Spooler Keeps Stopping issue is a real pain in the butt, until Microsoft finds a real cure.

Windows 7 Print Spooler Keeps Stopping

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