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Windows 7 SP 1

Updated on March 10, 2013

Windows 7 SP1

You all know that Microsoft has launched it's SP1 for Windows 7 which has lots of great features like

1. A bug fix for HDMI audio devices, the bug was this when ever you restarted computer the audio devices stopped working.

2. All previous updates like performance, security are included in this service pack. Which is great you know you will get all updates in single click of button.

But along these great features there are some problems with service pack 1, when you install some times the system gives BSOD ( Blue screen of death), system randomly restarts and such. The same type of behaviour occured to me. After much searching on the internet, I found out that when ever you install SP1 on system the system removes a file known as difxapi.dll, which is found in system 32 directory folder. This is very important .dll becasue it is the back bone of deveice software installation also it supports plug and play. I had to copy this from my other windows 7 operating system and voila after coping it, the system is smooth and stable. So my advice to you is that when you are going to install the service pack one SP1. Do the following

1. Make a back up if any thing goes wrong.

2. Copy the difxapi.dll some where safe in case it's removed during installation.

That's it you will have a full stable system :) Enjoy


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