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Windows 7 Speed Tweaks

Updated on February 22, 2012

Computers can be the best things ever, but they also have quite an annoying side when they start to slow down over time. There comes a time in a computers life that it starts to slow down considerably. There are some things we can do that will quickly help your windows 7 machine up and running like new again in no time. Here, are some small tweaks that you can do to do that.

1. RAM:

The biggest thing I see is that people underestimate the amount of RAM they have in their machine. If you are ordering windows 7 for an older machine always upgrade the RAM to at least 2 Gigs. Just adding more RAM to your computer will significantly increase the speed at which your operating system runs. Adding RAM is extremely easy and with its cheap cost, it is worth the investment.

2. Cleaning up:

The biggest thing I see in my profession about why people complain about their computer running slow is due to neglect. People do not seem to realize that a computer needs a 3 month oil change just like a car does. So, if you want a speedier computer then set up a regular check to clean up the system. If, you do not want to have to remember all the time, use the built in windows Task Scheduler to automate it for you once a month. It will help keep your machine running much faster.

Some things to schedule are:

1. Disk Clean-Up

2. Disk Defragment

3. Antispyware Scan

4. Virus Scan

3. Registry Corruption:

Over time, our machine will become less responsive to your inquires because of registry corruption. This includes registry entries that are no longer valid, incomplete, and junk. Using a free or purchased registry cleaner can help you remove all those types of entries in your computer so that it will run more effectively. A reliable, free registry cleaner is Ccleaner which you can down load for free on their website.

These are the top three reasons to why windows 7 computers will start to run slow. If, you keep up dated on your RAM requirements for programs you run including windows. Clean and maintain your computer on a regular basis. Clear the registry once a month with your maintenance schedule. Then you should be able to keep your computer running at Top Performance.


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