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Windows 7 Volume Mixer Features Total Control

Updated on October 11, 2009
Windows 7 Audio Mixer
Windows 7 Audio Mixer

Finally No More Annoying Random Sounds!

For those of us who have been testing Windows 7 in beta are readily awaiting the chance to buy the new operating system which will be released at the end of this month. The new OS is packed with tons and tons of improvements over Windows Vista, and finally offers a reason to upgrade from XP (at least for me).

One of the coolest features that I have found with the new Windows 7 is the way it handles all audio. Windows 7 has a new Audio mixer featured that comes when Windows is installed. So what is the big deal about this? How will it help me enjoy my personal computer experience?

They key improvement to this feature is the ability to control the sound levels of all applications that are calling for audio support from Windows. With total control of each application your ears will be saved from

1. Annoying Web Based Ads!
2. Conflicting Movie or Video Players!
3. Different web browsers both playing sounds!
4. Annoying Instant Messaging Beeps
5. The horrible sound Anti Virus makes when a threat is detected
6. There are so many more sounds we put up with before the lack of control that I have not listed, but these are all the ones that come right off the top of my head.

With the new audio mixer which is located on your task bar to the right, under the speaker icon (see picture above for more details) your sound experience will improve 10 fold.

Everyone uses a computer for different reasons so it's hard to say the greatest advantage this provides for Windows users but for me personally, since Windows 7 I have been able to listen to uninterrupted music flawlessly while surfing the web, working, or gaming.

Lastly, Pandora (or any web radio) users a quick tip with the new mixer is to open it in another web browser from your primary surfing browser. This way you can turn up the Pandora browser on the mixer and mute the primary browsing browser.

I hope everyone gets the chance to experience superior audio control!!


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    • profile image

      Ash 7 years ago

      The problem with windows 7 mixer is that when that good 10 year old bug mutes your MIDI, you can't get it back again, there's no SW Synth volume control.

    • profile image

      DK 7 years ago

      Mixer seems to assign programs to audio devices randomly, and does not let you change the device for a program.

      I have headphones plugged into my Dell E6510, still Windows Media Player streams music to speakers. There seems to be no way to tell it to stream to headphones instead!

    • profile image

      newcronio 7 years ago

      this is bull

    • profile image

      pcnw 7 years ago

      the only problem with the windows mixer is that it can't control seperately multiple sound streams

    • profile image

      Kossa 7 years ago


      Ever considered that the sound quality may be down to your laptop rather than the operating system it runs...?!

    • profile image

      Tim 7 years ago

      I haven't had a problem at all with the audio on my Sony Vaio. I've used it at basketball games and for radio, too. It sounds a lot better than the Dell I had been using before.

    • profile image

      Marc 7 years ago

      Actually windows 7 64bit audio is terrible, something about the audio stack is broken resulting in: " clipping " or split second audio hesitation during playback about once every 45 to 60 seconds,I have spent 4 days trying to fix this issue. The issue was fixed by using asio drivers to bypass most of windows audio processing.

      I would have preferred to use kernel-streaming to accomplish the same end, indeed one of the plug-ins I found did solve my original issue but had some other ' artifacting ', perhaps there is a better plug in out there. Don't even bring up audio latency issues under windows 7. I have a 6 year old gateway tablet pc running XP Pro that puts my 6 month old 64 bit laptop to shame when it comes to audio. Very annoying and your thread is misleading. Windows 7 64bit audio is terrible.