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Windows 8 GUI

Updated on March 6, 2012

Microsoft is reinventing the way we view our desktop and integrate with programs. This has become more and more apparent with the preview release of windows 8 consumer edition. It is the next generation breakthrough in accessing information, photos, and other unique applications that will give windows 8 its true authenticity.

The GUI or graphical user interface in windows 8 is going to have multiple 3D effects available at the touch of a button. The new rendering and file sharing interface is going to require much more processing, memory and graphic intensive hardware then previous versions. This new 3D move with Microsoft will allow you to move, modify and cut photos, it will allow you to organize and redesign video at the touch of a screen. This is being seen more and more as the rendering architecture of the newest release in drivers from top graphic card companies like Nvidia and ATI. These rendering objects can support hundreds of new compilations.

The new desktop interface can be run in a multitude of settings. The most common one is going to be similar to a cell phone. This type of interface is one the new generation is familiar with consisting of 64 squares that are going to hold that applications that you want. These applications with be run in the new 3D continuation of the operating system.

Of course if you do not like the new tablet desktop there is always the old mouse and keyboard you can revert. This gives people like ma a better starting point because am addicted to the start button. This desktop will also utilize the 3d rendering technology that is present.

One of the best new features of windows 8 and the new graphical user interface is how it reacts to voice. Yes, ! I said voice. Your voice will also be a contributing member in the control of your laptop, computer or tablet. You can command your computer to perform functions on a request instead of doing it manually. Just the possibilities of the effectiveness of productivity and auto creation applications must be have designers drooling.

There are a lot of possibilities with the new Windows 8 interface. Will it be accepted widely? Only time can tell. But, Microsoft is pushing the envelope when it comes to removing the keyboard and mouse from the equations of computer control and it may not be this release or the next, but it will happen at some point.


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