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Windows 8 Sucks, I'm Frustrated & The Microsoft Decision Maker is a *%$# for Making Me Feel Dumb!

Updated on March 31, 2014

Ok Folks Move Along, It's Just A Minor Rant

...Nothing to see here. I'm so annoyed at Windows 8 so I am basically venting here. There has been a lot written about how bad this system is so I'm probably not adding much to the discussion. But I like to talk.

What were they thinking?

This has nothing to do with anything here I just like the photo
This has nothing to do with anything here I just like the photo | Source

Don't Do It!

If you see something with Windows 8 installed it is the opinion of this author that you should run. Do not not buy into this piece of crap they are trying to pass on to us. Do not buy the software either.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like PC based technology but to throw out everything that users are used to is stupidity to the power of infinity. What the hell were they thinking?

Make it die, don't buy!

I've heard of so many angry users just going back to Windows 7. I myself am in the dark ages of XP but for basics that's plenty. I laways hate when the only reason it seem they "change" things is to sell you something. Which is OK unless it's crap.

Don't get me started on Office. 2003 is more than plenty for most users but now they are discontinuing "support" which means basically you can't activate your software. So if you need to reformat your old computer or you get a new one sorry SOL.

I Don't Like To Feel Stupid

I'll tell you my little sad story here. I needed a new computer so I bought an HP Desktop. The sales person said is was just the basics and no softwaer installed meaning the big stuff like Office etc.

I'm good with that because I wanted something I could use for internet and skype.

The first indication that something was weird is that when I turned on the computer the first time and started going through the setup process I was forced to create a Microsoft account with a password that I now need to log on. I don't want a stinking password.

If there was a way around this I couldn't see it (feeling stupid). Of course later I find through some research that it's a security measure. OK great. Problem is where the f*** do I find where to shut it off?

I want a choice! Period. Don't tell me what to do on my computer. You can educate me, make suggestions but please allow me an easy way to make that choice.

It really pisses me off when things aren't obvious. I shouldn't have to go online to user forums every time I have a question.

Here's the thing, there's no reason they couldn't have kept more or less the same name and location for things even if it's "New and Improved" (It's not). I want my Control Panel just the way it was or perhaps like in the past a "Switch to Classic View" option.

Why should I be forced to go through a learning curve every time they release new versions?

I really struggled the first day. Oh, a little background on myself. I'm not a tech head, however I've built 3 computers and am comfortable in the BIOS and a lot of the under the hood items so it's not like I haven't haven't been like my mom who uses them but hasn't a clue if the slightest thing goes weird.

What Is Wrong (Let Me Count The Ways)


  • No “Start” button (its been around since 1995)
  • Hidden menu items
  • Multiple locations for settings
  • Apps suck!
  • No consideration for PC desktop users
  • Don't need no stinkin' touchscreen for mouse/keyboard users

I despise the fact that Microsoft has moved where everything is and added a whole slew of new (useless?) user interface "features". Worse for me is that there's nothing that gives any evidence that these features actually exist. Unless they are somehow shown to me, the only way I will figure it out is by wasting time scouring the net for information on how to use this lame system or by lots of frustrating trial and error.

My computer came loaded with Apps and all sorts of opportunities to spend my money on junk. I deleted as much as I could after finally finding the right control panel.

The Solution

The solution in a perfect world is to band together as consumers and force Microsoft to yield to our combined solidarity. Bring them to their knees as we crush their profits down to a few billion for their egregious errors.

Or maybe some 12 year old genius will invent a new operating system that will put Microsoft out of business.

Ok I know I'm being silly really it's buyer do research (I did not). And if it sucks don't spend your money.

I read somewhere something along the lines of to turn Windows around, Microsoft needs to work fast, starting with innovation.

I say screw that and go back to if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Or buy a Mac.


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    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Every thing you listed is true. I went from Windows Vista to windows 8 and it is one big joke. I laughed so hard about the forum thing, I just got through with one. I thought it was just me, I'm glad I am not the only one. Great hub,

    • Guitar Wizard profile image

      Mark Edward Fitchett 4 years ago from Long Beach

      As I find out more I'll go beyond the rant and actually post some (hopefully) useful information.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 4 years ago from Wales, UK

      They're hedging their bets with Windows 8 so that it looks like an app on a touchscreen. You can always get your old Windows desktop back and stick a big button on the screen which first pops up - then you'll have your Start button back etc but it's a workaround, and probably annoying

      Actually, I've come to respect Windows software because of the behind-the-scenes engineering of it... but for most users it still sucks. Really, Windows should be used for businesses only. Everyone has these massive machines and use only 1% of them, it's insane.