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Windows 8 comes with dual face

Updated on April 21, 2012
Windows 8
Windows 8

At last Windows 8 has been released in pre view mode at Build Developers Conference at California. Developers are given a chance to experience the features in this mode. But it will be officially released in next year only. But now you can see the features of windows 8 using the pre view mode.

Windows 8 Features

Basically windows 8 is released according to the modern trends in the market. ie tending of the computing world to mobile devices. The newest version has new interface and can operate in tablets and low power ARM processor based devices. This will help in making our desktop devices more mobile. According to the release notes, Windows 8 is released making it suitable for both keyboard based and touch devices. Windows 8 has two user interfaces, one for those who are familiar with the previous versions of Windows. But there will be a fully touch user interface called metro for tablets. This trend is same as that in latest version of Linux. Where the latest Linux (Ubuntu) version has a tablet style interface, but if you are not comfortable with this you are also provided with the option to switch to the classic view of Ubuntu desktop. Windows also has incorporated a windows store in this latest windows. It is like android market or iStore where you can download applications for windows. As it supports both intel based processors and ARM based low power consumption processors, it can be used both in PCs and tablets. For running in tablets only the metro mode will be used

Basically tablet devices and smart phones are affecting desktop market. Apple increased it's overall turnover but it is mainly through the selling of iPhones and iPads. It came down in PC selling. This indicates a general trend in the market. So at this point Microsoft made the right decision as far as we know about the features of Windows 8.


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