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Windows 8 vs. Mac OS X Lion- Who will win the battle?

Updated on July 18, 2012

Will Windows finally be able to beat Lion?

Mac OS X Lion was released by Apple on 20th July 2011 and was the eighth major release of Mac OS X, the OS for Mac computers. It succeeded the Snow Leopard and around 6 million copies of it have already been sold.

On the other hand, Apple’s competitor and software giant Microsoft is set to release ‘Windows 8’ early next year. Microsoft started working on developing Windows 8 soon after releasing Windows 7 and has been gaining rave initial reviews but has it got the beating of Mac OS X Lion- Apple’s newest Desktop OS?

Windows 8 vs. OS X Lion- Hardware requirements

OS X Lion: OS X Lion runs on only 64-bit Intel processors, requires a Core 2 Duo with a minimum of 2GB RAM, is only supported on an Apple device and is a strictly desktop OS.

Windows 8: Windows 8 only requires 32-bit or 64-bit AMD or Intel or ARM processors, wants a 1GHZ processor with a minimum of 1GB RAM, is compatible with all hardware systems and has been designed while keeping not only desktop PCs but also touch-screen PCs and tablets in mind.

Windows 8 vs. OS X Lion- who has the better interface?

OS X Lion- OS X Lion’s biggest upgrade over OS X Snow Leopard was in the interface. The scroll-bars were removed, the aqua color was also more or so removed and a LaunchPad app launcher (similar to i-OS) was included and these were some of the major changes to the interface. The interface looks a lot sleeker with these changes.

Windows 8- Windows 8 has a lot of interface changes with the traditional Start Menu removed and replaced by a Start Screen similar to the one present in Windows Phone. The good thing with this change is that along with the Metro user interface, Windows 8 keeps the classing Windows desktop intact for users who don’t prefer the Metro interface.

Windows 8 vs. OS X Lion- Who’s more secure?

OS X Lion- Mac’s OSes have always proved to be extremely efficient against malwares and viruses and OS X Lion is no different. It is extremely secure while the Time Machine backup and automatic saving of files helps you keep your important data intact incase of any problems.

Windows 8- Windows 7 was a big improvement as far as security was concerned but still wasn’t even close to providing the security Linux and Mac’s OS can provide. With Windows 8, Microsoft is looking to build on the initial progress made with Windows 7. The steps taken to improve security is the addition of Windows Defender which acts as both an anti-virus and an anti-spyware while the new Metro apps are sandboxed so that they can’t access sections of data which they shouldn’t. The reset feature is a welcome addition too and can reset your PC to its factory-fresh condition without a complete reinstallation. Still, Windows 8 may come up short in terms of security as compared to the OS X Lion.

Windows 8 vs. OS X Lion- Performance, speed and reliability

OS X Lion- OS X Lion continues to be fast and reliable as the tight requirements of Apple regarding hardware and software makes it really strong and reliable. There isn’t much difference between the OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion when it comes to the performance.

Windows 8- Even though the full and final version isn’t out, it seems Windows 8 will be a bit faster than Windows 7 and will boot considerably quickly. However, as Microsoft needs to be compatible with a lot of hardware and software, it may crash as many times as Windows 7.


One cannot clearly define the clear winner here but I can surely say that while OS X Lion steals some ideas from the i-OS, it has been made strictly for desktop-only systems. However, Windows 8 is being designed with the idea of giving an excellent OS for Tablets, PCs and phones too and as Microsoft continues to reveal some more tricks of Windows 8, the upgrade seems something similar to the one that Windows 95 had from Windows 3.x!


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    • profile image

      saravana.k 4 years ago

      windows 8 has inbuilt store to download app same as mac has app store.. again microsoft is not a real successor.

    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 5 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      I appreciate the comments on my article, good as I found your article very interesting because I know some Mac and OSX. But I think for Windows already hold more than 90% of the market can easily topple over.

    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 5 years ago from Bermuda

      Windows 8 is good in being better suited for touch screens, but iOS is designed for a trackpad and uses a lot of multitouch gestures to make things easier.