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Windows 8.1 Music Restarts After Update

Updated on October 2, 2014

Before we begin

Please read through the entire article before you start working on your computer.

Event Viewer

To begin, you should look at the Event Viewer. In Windows 8.1, press the windows key and type View Event Logs in the search to get to the viewer.

Click the result. Then you want to expand the Windows logs (on the left hand side).

You are looking for error messages in the application section.

File Explorer

In the 2 errors you should get, you will see a file path. Open File Explorer and navigate to that path.

The path should look something like this:


Found it, what's next

So, you want to delete everything in this folder. If you want, you can copy it all elsewhere but the folder needs to be empty.

I Can't Delete or Move Them

If you find you cannot move or delete these files, then you need to restart your computer. Most likely Music has a hold on them and the restart will release this hold.

Everything is Gone Now

Now you start music. What you have done is clear it's internal list of music and it will start reindexing/loading your music. Leave the music application open and go do something else while it works. This will prevent you from accidently interrupting the process.

What Happened/Why Did I Do This

It appears that something either interrupted the music index after the update, or, the database files got corrupted. This interfered with the programs ability to play or get digital rights to play music. Once started, play would be brief and the software would restart. This process should restore your Music application to health.


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