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How To Set Up And Install Windows Live Mail.

Updated on August 10, 2016

Learn How To Install Windows Live Mail

How To Install Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail Can be Downloaded From Microsoft to Download Windows Live Mail First You Need To Install Windows Essentials 2012 that can be downloaded from Microsoft Website.

Step 1 Please Open Your Internet Browser And Then Go To Microsoft Website. In Microsoft Website Search For Windows Essentials Then Open The Link And Download Windows Essentials From Microsoft Website.

Step 2 Before Downloading Windows Essentials 2012 Please Check Your Operating System Requirement's Windows Essentials Can Only be downloaded on Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10.

Step 3 Once Your Download is Complete Then Please Click On Run Or Save File

Step 4 In Next Step Windows Will Ask You To How Do You Want To Proceed

Install All Windows Components That Includes Windows Live Mail , Windows Movie Maker, Window Blog Content Editor, Windows Picture Manger And One Drive.

  1. Window Live Mail : With the help of windows live mail you can send and receive email's
  2. Window Movie Maker : With the Help of Windows Movie maker you can edit, create and share your movie.
  3. Window Blog Content Editor : With the help of windows blog content editor you can write your content or blog and then you can also share that blog with the audience.
  4. Picture Manager : Picture Manager is very useful tool to edit and share picture's.
  5. One Drive : One Drive is cloud storage platform that is given by Microsoft with the help of One drive you can share your file storage online.

If You Just Only Want To Install Windows Live Mail Then Please Click On The Custom Installation Under Custom Installation Select Windows Live Mail.

Step 5 In Next Step You Will Be Asked For Windows Live Mail Login Information Please Enter Your Email Address And Password inside the box.

If you do not have windows live mail account you can sign up using windows live mail Sign up Forum.

Step 6 Please Allow the permission and start using your windows live mail App

That's how you can install Windows Live Mail in your Computer. If you Need Any Support For

Windows Live Please Find Windows Live Mail Customer Service Number Here.

Learn How To Install Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail Sign Up Page



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