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Windows Vista Service Pack (SP) 2 Bootable CD DVD Found

Updated on November 23, 2017
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A Name Is Found - Windows Vista

A release of the Microsoft Windows operating system
A release of the Microsoft Windows operating system | Source

The Saga Unfolds

When I sat down at my computer, little did I expect that the total amount of time I would wind up using would be hours upon hours. My Internet Explorer 8 browser was on the fritz, and I couldn't get online. You probably know how frustrating it is not to be able to share email and photos, forward a joke, or surf to find something you want to know in the worst way. But what is most important to keep in mind is that my computer ran Windows Vista.

"Oh," I thought, "this will be easy". I thought I would just track down the error message on Google. It wasn't so easy. The error message had to do with the dialer from my ISP, and it seemed to be working just fine until IE8 would stop, then recover, then stop and go into a hideous loop diagnosing the problem. Perhaps it's a corrupted file in the dialer upgrade and IE 8 doesn't like it? Now what? Download Internet Explorer 9? Finish the story by reading the left column. If you would rather not, note the contact info on the right column for Vista SP1 & SP2 on CD and/or DVD purchasable at, but difficult to find.

A Windows XP graphical history
A Windows XP graphical history | Source

Windows VISTA SP1 & SP2 CD DVD URL and Phone

At this point, if you don't want to read about my vicarious journey and many trips to, I am going to give you a valuable piece of information. There are many people at Microsoft who are not aware of this information; trust me, I spoke to all of them. This information is for those of you who still have dial-up. If you would like Service Pack 1 and/or Service Pack 2 on CD or DVD for Windows Vista, and you don't want to spend 2 days downloading, you may want to copy the following contact information and put it in a safe place!

***The link for ordering the service packs online is

(you must have cookies enabled on your browser or you will get ERROR).

If you have a sole computer and no fancy cell phone, here is a 1-800 number that will put you in contact with a human being who will take your order: Microsoft Supplemental Part team (800) 360-7561. The disc will cost $3.50 with $5.99 shipping. Since each service pack comes from a different location, you get to pay for shipping twice if you want SP1 and SP2.

And did I mention that service packs, I thought, were cumulative. That is, if you get a service pack 2, it contains service pack 1 and other goodies, all upgrades. But apparently this is not the case with Windows Vista. It's special. If you want Vista service pack 2, you had better have service pack 1 on your hard-drive. If you don't, Internet Explorer 9 Beta won't install.

Saga Continues-

Fortunately, I have an old Intel Thinkpad lying around with functional Internet Explorer. I wouldn't think of updating it! It's for emergencies. LOL I hooked it up and was able to download Google Chrome (Google's Browser). After copying it to a flash drive, I installed Chrome on my injured computer without a hitch. It is now my default browser. But of course, I want Internet Explorer to work, because that's the way I am, and I have learned to have 2 browsers in hand rather than one in the bush!

At this point I was feeling quite clever. I must have solved my problem. With a browser I was powerful and could overcome all. Right.

Now to download the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 (mine was 8.0.6001.18702, and I actually found pieces from IE5 on my hard drive). My thinking was that if I had the very latest IE8, perhaps my computer would like my dialer better. Those of you who are reading this and saying to yourself that you would have done things differently, or that my reasoning is somehow, well, stupid, please hang on to those thoughts as I would love to read them as comments. You cannot hurt my feelings when it comes to computers - simple with computers is in the eye of the beholder. Make me out to be a clown, it's all good.

After downloading the most current IE8 from Microsoft (13.2 MB, 1 hour 14 minutes dialup time) and trying to install it, the bell tolled again. I was informed that I had a more current version (?) so I would not be allowed to install. What happened to giving permission to overwrite? How was it more current?

I had my Google Chrome. Not knowing what made my browser more recent and with nothing to compare, I mused, "I'll download Internet Explorer 9 Beta." Why download IE9 when it's a Beta - a preview not highly tested and therefore riskier for failures - because I wanted to take the chance that I would win the game against Internet Explorer. Pursed lips not withstanding, I began the download. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! After 2 hours and 41 minutes, my 19MB IE9 was downloaded. I went to install and was told that I had to have Vista service packs 1 and 2 loaded on the hard drive. I could only find indication of SP1 loaded, so I guessed I needed SP2.


As advertised, Internet Explorer 9 is supposed to be more intuitive with fewer dialogue boxes, and stuff to speed up browsing. But if you think this is why I wanted IE9, you're just fooling yourself, because I was defending my honor as a man, a survivalist, and a warrior!!

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is 745.2 MB. On a 56K modem it would take 30 hours and 17 minutes to download. My best download speed is 46K/sec. I groaned. At which point my wife suggested I ask the neighbor who has high-speed Internet to let me download it there. It was brilliant, but it seemed like cheating. What kind of man was I to depend on the neighbor's high-speed Internet? But after all, I had been Vista-ed.

Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome work fine now and all is right with the world. My confidence was shaken. The wife is now the chief computer expert at the house. Google Chrome will remain my default browser. I must confess, there have been moments when alone that I have contemplated downloading a third browser!

And the winner is!

What is your favorite operating system?

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© 2010 John R Wilsdon


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