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Windows 7 Speech Recognition

Updated on November 9, 2012

Like most of us, I have been fascinated with the speech recognition program called Dragon. Dragon allows for our voice to speak to our computer. One can speak document, open internet browsers, write emails, and papers. Windows 7 is a fascinating operating system that seems to be surprising and alluring. Recently I have found that Windows 7 come with a similar program preinstalled to computers. With their speech recognition program one can do speak to their computers just like they would with Dragon. Dragon is a good program; however there are some deals breaker and we are going to look at them.

For one Dragon cost between 80-150 dollars; that is a lot of money. Most of us have families and responsible to take care of and in today’s economy cannot effort to spend that kind of money on a program with shaky reviews. Using the program that is installed in Windows 7, one can save money and receive the same if not better program. This is an alternative for everyone, no matter if one can or cannot afford to purchase Dragon.

Maybe you are someone that just wants Brand name merchandise. In that case you can open Windows 7 speech recognition programs and look around, while getting a feel for what the program can do. This can be like a free trial to see if this program is for you without spending any money.

Now all programs are not easy. Speech recognition is simple in the sense that what you say appear on your screen. There are some problems like accuracy that can make speech recognition a drag. Constantly repeating yourself is not something most of us want to do. So if you are looking at dragon, first play around with the speech recognition program on Windows 7 to see if all the repeating is something you wan to pay for.

Finally, why buy something that you can get for free. Besides everything else in this article, speech recondition software for Windows 7 is free and it is on every windows 7 computer. It also comes with a tutorial that is very helpful, and you can go back to that tutorial whenever you need. It is just better than buying Dragon.


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