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Wireless Internet Adapter

Updated on June 17, 2010

Do You Need a Wireless Internet Adapter?

:The nice thing about being connected with an adapter is that you don't need to bother with all those wires and can connect to your internet. Check the mail. Play the games. Find the job. Wireless really simplifies everything and you can put even your desktop computers anywhere you want and still get a connection. The number is 254 connections inside a single router. This is elegance, and this is why you should  go ahead and get a wireless internet adapter for your home network. It gives you the mobility you need and the installation is painless. 

The price varies on wireless internet adapters. Your standard brand-name 802.11 adapter will sell at most stores for around $50. Although some cost as much as $100 and non-brand names will be less money. The most expensive type of adapter will be the PCI, the kind you install kind of permanently inside your computer. This is the largest version of adapters physically, and you will pay for the "hardware" premium. PCIs are usually about $100.

Installing Your Wirless Internet Adapter (Desktop vs Laptop)

The installation of your wireless internet adapter is so easy. There are three types of adapters. The PCI adapter goes right into your expansion slot on your desktop computer. The PCI is by far the most difficult to install, and it is not hard as it goes right into that slot.

The place on your laptop is the little drive on the side of your laptop. This is the slot where you put in external hard drives and stuff. Just stick your wireless internet adapter in here and you will be good to go. Easiest of all, you can actually plug an adapter into the USB port of your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop and gain the benefits of wireless internet.


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