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Wireless Outdoor Speakers Review

Updated on August 12, 2011

Wireless outdoor speakers are a great way to liven up outdoor get-togethers with music. In wireless outdoor speakers review we will shortly look at some of the best options.

What should you look for when buying wireless outdoor speakers:

  • Transmission range: The distance at which you can use the speakers from the broadcaster, should be far enough for your needs.
  • The style: The style of the speakers should fit in with their background.
  • Durability: Speakers that are used outside need to be resistant to temperature and moisture changes.
  • Power management: Some of these speakers can work from AC power or batteries. You should be aware of the speaker's power needs before you buy them.

Best outdoor speaker 2010
Best outdoor speaker 2010

Weather-Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

This indoor/outdoor wire-less speaker is from Brookstone which is known for its mall stores and slightly overpriced but quality merchandise. It can be plugged in to a power plug with the included AC adapter or can be used with batteries.

With it's 900MHz technology the system can transmit up to 150 feet, with the signal passing easily through walls or other obstacles, without affecting the sound quality. Because it is also wireless you can use the speakers anywhere without the hastle of running wires. There is an auxiliary input so you can use plug your portable MP3 into the speaker to play your favorite tunes.

To use the speaks you just plug the transmitter into your stereo system and start listening. There is a volume control on the unit so you won't need to run back and forth to your stereo to adjust the music level. The speaker also has three audio channels to insure that it doesn't interfere with any of your other cordless devices. This speaker is not meant to be hidden with it's distinctive modern look.

Stylish wireless outdoor speaker
Stylish wireless outdoor speaker

Audiovox Acoustic Research AW825 Mission Style Wireless Speaker

This cordless outdoor speaker has a definite mission styling and can be placed up to 150 feet from the base unit. It uses one of three broadcast frequencies to avoid interference with your other cordless devices.

The speaker has a dual power mode and can be plugged in with the included AC adapter or run by batteries which are extra. There is a stereo audio input plug for using it with your i-phone, i-pad, or other MP3 device. It has controls built into the speaker that include a power switch, volume, bass, and left/right/mono.

The device has been designed so you can also add multiple units to enjoy listening to your music throughout your yard.

Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker System (SPK-ROCK) Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Rock Speaker

This outdoor speaker from Audio Unlimited blends in well with your landscaping because of its simulated rock exterior.

It's durable weatherproof exterior makes this speaker a good choice for bringing your music outside without worrying about changing weather. The system has a transmitter that plugs into your stereo and uses 900MHz technology do deliver sharp clear sound up to 150 feet away. It uses phase loop lock technology to lock into the transmitter signal and keep your music clear with no fading or drifting.

The included transmitter can be used for many different types of audio input including standard RCA to transmit signals from your home theater, computer, i-pod or other MP3 players. Using other Audio Unlimited speakers you can then use the same transmitter to spread your music around the exterior of your home.

Back of wireless indoor outdoor speaker
Back of wireless indoor outdoor speaker

Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Add-on Speaker (Black) (SPK-VELO2) Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Add-on Speaker

This is an add-on speaker unit that does not come with the base transmitter. From Audio Unlimited this versatile and good looking speaker can be used inside or outside your home and works with all Audio Unlimited 900MHz transmitter systems. These units can even be used in wet areas because they are weather resistant.

With the mounting holes on the back of the speakers they can be hung on walls and out of the way. The 900MHz system passes through walls and other obstructions for up to 150 feet. Using Phase Loop Lock technology the unit delivers a continuous clear signal that will not fade or drift. Using this add on speaker is easy, just plug it in and it automatically finds the transmitter. It runs of the included AC adapter or you can use batteries. Although it cannot match high end units in quality, at its price it can't be beat.

HiFi Works 30020 HFW 6.5-Inch Rock Speakers

This pair of two speakers built inside durable simulated rocks are outdoor speakers that can stand up to the elements year round. They are designed to withstand rain and snow so they can be left in place.

The 6.5 inch speakers are designed to blend into your landscaping yet deliver good quality music. The one drawback is that these are not wireless and need to be connected to some type of sound system which also provides them with power.

The connection coming out of the speaker is well sealed, so you just make sure that the connection to your audio system is weatherproof as well. These units will deliver quality sound that matches or is even better than other higher priced units.

I hope one of the speakers in wireless outdoor speaker review was the right one for you. You might also enjoy reading best wireless printers 2011 and wireless mouse and keyboard reviews 2011.


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    • starlance profile image

      starlance 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

      Love that rock speaker. I was at a wedding and the ranch we were staying at had some similar to those. They had music piped in to every nook and cranny and you could never tell where it was coming from :)