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Wireless Router for Home

Updated on May 21, 2012

I am writing this article on my laptop. My laptop don't have any wired connection to it. I am browsing Interent with the help of Wi-Fi router situated in another room of my house. This is the freedom that we can get from wireless routers. Actually, I am using basic wi-fi router of Belkin. There are many other best routers too, but as I personally use this router, I will write about it first. You can read reviews of users about the router products mentioned in this article on the corresponding page of eBay.

Belkin Wireless G Router

I personally use wireless G router of Belkin. There are many variations in this type of router. You can select any router of your choice according to your needs. This router provides the wireless speed of upto 150 Mbps and It has 4 ports. This router can be conneted to the devices with wired or wireless connection. Like I have connected my desktop computer with wire and accessing Internet on laptop without wires. The setup of this router is easy and fast. Signal quality is very good. This is one best and affordable wireless router. I am using this router of Belkin from last 3 years and I personally have very good experience with this router. If you want one router with cheap price, then you should consider this router of Belkin.

Best Wireless Router for Home

Now it's time to look for the best wireless routers for home. Wireless connection gives us the freedom and we can take advantage of Internet from anywhere in the house. Below is the list of top 5 routers listed on eBay.

Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router

Linksys is the popular name when it comes to wireless routers. Linksys E1200 router supports the speed upto 300 Mbps. It is the top router currently available in the market. It has four ports and it's connectivity is wireless. It is the wireless N router. This router also provides the service of parental control and Firewall to keep your network protected.

Linksys E1000 Wireless N Router

This router supports the wired and wireless connections. It has wireless speed upto 300 Mbps. It is engineered with WPA/WPA2 security settings. It is compact, light weight wireless N router. It provides super fast, efficient and reliable wireless connection. This router is specially made for home use, but you can also use this wireless router in your office or workplace.

Novatel MiFi 2372 Wireless G Router

It is one wireless G router by Novatel. This is one portable and convinient router that you can use while travelling. It has embedded GPS antenna which helps to route your way. You can connect 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously with the help of this router. It ensures safe and secure data transmission.

Linksys E4200 Wireless N Router

This Linksys router comes with the port speed of Gigabit. This is one very fast speed wireless router. It's network is designed for home theater performance. You can stream your media file to Xbox 360, Play Station 3 or other UPnP compatible device. This router has wired and wireless connectivity. A USB storage port allows you to connect external USB device to your network to share files. It has four ports in total.

Novatel MiFi 2200 Wireless G Router

You can connect upto five Wi-Fi enabled devices to this Novatel MiFi 2200 wireless G Router. Its wireless connectivity speed is upto 54 Mbps. The connectivity of this router is wireless only. It has 30 feet network coverage. It is easy to install, assures less interruptions and enhanced performance. This is one best router for home.

These are the wireless routers for your home. You can compare the prices, read reviews and select one best wireless router for home considering your needs and requirements.


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