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Wireless Workshop - Automated Cell Phone Flashing Software for Dealers

Updated on April 22, 2013

Wireless Workshop: Flashing Forward

This spring, 114,000+ people petitioned the US government to re-legalize unlocking cell phones allowing customers to use their existing wireless devices, including tablets, to move between carriers of their choice. Now, the Obama administration and FCC have responded to the people’s request and have asked Congress to implement a legislative solution to this issue.

The overwhelming response from the people is a testament to the popularity of cell phone unlocking and flashing. Consumers demand the right to take their handsets to the carrier of their choice, making unlocking and flashing an excellent opportunity for wireless retailers to provide this service to consumers who wish to move between carriers.

What is flashing?
Flashing is to CDMA phones what Unlocking is to GSM phones. Flashing is the term used for changing a CDMA phone’s settings to work with a different carrier. For example, if a customer has a Verizon phone and they want to make it work with Cricket service, the phone needs to be flashed with special software.

Choosing a flashing software partner
Wireless Workshop has 30 years of combined flashing, unlocking, software development and wireless retail experience. Chris Fox, president of Wireless Workshop, and his partners have been in the trenches since the early days of flashing and know what dealers need to be profitable and productive.

Wireless Workshop was founded out of a need to address concerns with other flashing software companies that have fallen behind in supporting new models and lack proper technical support. The Wireless Workshop team is dedicated to model support and technical support, adding new models often.

Most phone models can be fully flashed, meaning that WEB and MMS will work correctly on the new carrier. Some phones can only be basic flashed, meaning that it will support Talk and Text only. Wireless Workshop strives to provide dealers the most fully flashed models.

How to use flashing services to grow your business

The Wireless Workshop software has been designed to help dealers maximize their profits and increase productivity. Their experience as wireless dealers and phone flashers enables them to bring independent wireless retailers a great choice in automated flashing.

Flashing is becoming more and more popular as smartphones increasingly penetrate the market. Customers want freedom of choice in carriers and want to take their expensive smartphones with them. Dealers can quickly add flashing to their product offering because Wireless Workshop greatly reduces the learning curve with its simple and easy to use interface.

Some dealers, who already know how to flash, might ask why they need Wireless Workshop? Chris adds, “I thought the same thing at first, then I realized that I was spending 15+ hours per week flashing, researching and fixing flash problems. Most dealers either flash phones themselves or have one flashing employee. This leads to extra stress and cost that can be eliminated by Wireless Workshop.”

How many times have you lost a flash sale because you didn’t know how to flash that new model?
This is the primary reason dealers should consider selecting a flashing partner who is up to date on models. How many times have you lost a flashing sale because you weren’t available or your “flashing guy” didn’t show up? Dealers should select flashing software that even their most junior sales person can use to assist customers.

How does automated flashing work?
Flashing phones is much less complicated with the right flashing software. The Wireless Workshop flashing solution is a fully automated web-based software sold as an unlimited monthly subscription or pay-per-use. Their solution boasts the fewest keystrokes, simple user interface, and takes only minutes to use. All models are preloaded inside the software making it fast and easy to service customers in store. Wireless Workshop software requires very little training, and is fully supported by live chat online and by phone with their experienced customer support team.

In addition to the automated flashing tools, Wireless Workshop also offers an Advanced CDMA tool for advanced flashing options and repair features to fix Android issues. Some recycling companies even use Wireless Workshop to find SPC and user lock codes to clear data from used recycled phones. Dealers collecting recycled phones can easily erase data by finding lock codes, SPC or MSL (master subsidy lock) to reset phones.

Flashing phones is both an excellent business opportunity and environmentally responsible, helping keep thousands of phones out of landfills.

Marketing Flashing Services

Here’s a tip: Wireless Workshop suggests dealers should all be advertising
flashing availability at their stores using Craigslist for free! According to
Chris Fox, president of Wireless Workshop, “Phone flashing has been a huge part
of my business for the last 10 years. My Cricket stores advertise phone
flashing on Craigslist with excellent results. We flash an average of 3 phones
per day and that adds and extra monthly income of $4,000 or more per store to
our bottom line. Flashing is growing in popularity because more customers want
to save money by keeping their existing smartphones. I recommend that every
wireless dealer look into phone flashing, it is easier, faster and more
reliable than ever before with Wireless Workshop.” For more information about
flashing and Wireless Workshop, visit:

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Written by Michelle James of Wireless Dealer Magazine


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      5 years ago

      ho to new flash file download in set htc hd2 mobile phone


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