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Wireless broadband internet providers in India: Packages and review

Updated on October 25, 2012

Broadband internet connection devices are in full swing and demand since the emergence of 3G band entry in India. The internet surfing has been made easy on the move through laptops in India even in remote areas like villages, farms etc.

There are various service providers as we have witnessed in general. But, before we decide to go for a particular service provider it is important to consider a few points for better surfing at reasonable tariff and also personal safety.

Our requirements in general include

♣ Better speeds

♣ Better coverage across cities and towns

♣ Reasonable tariffs

♣ Better customer service

♣ Other allied facilities in the card etc.

Some of the prime service providers of broad band net connections are Reliance with its Broadband+ USB modems, BSNL 3G, Airtel 3G, Tata photon+, Virgin's vFlash etc.

Providers like Reliance, BSNL, Tata have good networks due to their own cables and towers running throuhg otu india. But even Airel doesn't fall behind in the coverage while others require some more time to catch up.

Even the user interests plays prime role in deciding the connection. If you like to download movies, songs etc beside net surfing then you may need to go for providers with tariff plans like unlimited usage etc.

Networks like Reliance, BSNL offer even non broadband wireless internet connection like NET connect (1X) and NIC card respectively. I prefer Reliance better with its affordable cost of Rs. 1500 for the connection equipment and tariff of Rs. 500 per one month unlimited utility. If you are just looking for an internet connection without hassles in service, cost and without extra demands of speed then these are the best options.

Better speeds: This is a crucial factor which is dependent on your wireless device, the service provider, the availability of service at various cities and also the cost of tariffs.

We all like to have better speeds. The speed is higher for broadband net connects which are dependent on 3G technology. There are service providers who offer presently anywhere from 2 Mbps to 29 Mbps. But lets remember that the speeds of 2 to 3 Mbps are sufficient for better access to the net like a normal cable connection broadband.

Higher Mbps like above 2 or 3 Mbps may be required for downloads or uploads but that level of speeds are not so evident or different from that of 2 or 3 Mbps.

Because the higher the Mbps the higher is the signal strength and transmissions. This may also have undue effects on general health if especially children and elderly are around. it's preferable to have lower Mbps than higher for personal safety.

For better speeds the device are more expensive, the availability of service is limited i.e not all cities and towns have these type of signal stations to comply with the speeds mentioned. Few service providers like Reliance, BSNL, Airtel are some of them who have better coverage of the broad band speeds across India.

Even the cost of tariffs are very high for broad band users and this may not be suitable for students, unemployed etc.

Better coverage across cities and towns: If you reside in major cities and towns then the there won't arise the problem of coverage . If you are roaming then the signals are not available across the villages and minor towns you pass by so the you may not access the speeds mentioned and sometimes even the normal connection itself.

But service providers like Reliance, Airtel can provide minimum connection in most of the remote areas. These providers can help you connect in villages and farms even.

So choose the providers based on your roaming frequency.

There are no roaming charges by any of the service providers like Reliance, Airtel, Virgin and Tata photon.

Reasonable tariffs: There are not so many chances to take in this section. All the providers charge heavily for 3G and broadband connections. The normal Internet connections like 2G based are cheaper than the broad bands.

If you are concerned about tariffs to be cheaper better go for non broad band wireless connections as they help you surf the net with almost equal speed to that of broad band except for download or uploading of the files.

I feel the providers like Tata, BSNL, virgin are cheaper than other competitors in tariff.

Other allied facilities in the card etc. This is a new twist initially adopted by Tata, to cope up the competition among the service providers. The new Tata Photon card comes with inbuilt memory to save music files. Some more new facilities may arise in the wireless devices in future.


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