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Wireless future

Updated on August 20, 2014


Wires are the lifeblood of modern societies. It is impossible to imagine about a contemporary society without wires. Electrical wires, undersea cables, telephone cables, and all other forms of wires- you name it and you’ll realize how important it is for your daily life.

But wait, what about the condition of wire-meshes?

I don’t know about other countries, but in India it is a mess. Just look up anywhere for a post and you’ll, without doubt, realize that it is really a mess (not mesh). The single post (barring the electrical naked-wire carrying posts) is the medium of carrying all types of wires. As numerous wires are carried using the same post, an entanglement of wires is always there on top of it.

The story is more interesting. In worst cases, even the deadliest current-carrying wires are kept naked. In many of them, there are hundreds or thousands of Volts of electricity. Even a single unwilling touch on it could turn deadly. But, you’ll see that life in metros, and villages alike, are running smoothly without any care about these deadly wires. People assume that when death comes, it will definitely come.

So, why care about the unfortunate ones?

There is one more interesting part of it. These posts are also one of the best places for doing outdoor advertising. You can see anything and everything pasted on these posts, if they are in a busy area. Posters, stickers, signage and what not? Probably, these posts are proud to be the new media of busy city's outdoor advertising. The same is applicable to the light posts that double up as carriers of all kinds of wires.

But does it look good enough?

It doesn’t. And that is the main aim of the story. Why can’t we do something intelligently? India is one of the major hubs of technology. Yet, we see these entangled and age-old steel-posts -discolored and tilted as if they were abandoned due to their inefficiency, everywhere. And the wires are happily passing across weighing on them. These wires are nasty pieces of example that people have discovered wires but they haven’t discovered how to carry them yet.

One more thing, will these posts and wires be there for long? No. We’re heading towards a wireless future. Have you seen the railway wires that used to carry the telegraph signals? They have become obsolete. And in most places, they’ve vanished. Their posts have bowed down as if they are too old to stand straight. Yet, they are providing us an important message.

The wires will also vanish one day.

Don’t believe this? Think about Wi Fi, Mobile phones and Near Field Communication. They’re all wireless. I believe scientists will come up with an idea to have a wireless society very soon. Although carrying signals without wires is possible, there is no proven method to carry electricity without wires yet. I believe it will come very soon. And thereby, the last remaining reason to have wires and the meshes will become an endangered idea.

The wireless society will live a fast life, without having to care about missing links due to cuts or damages of the wires. People will only see antennas everywhere. Probably, use of satellites will also add fuel to this process. However, that should take some time. We have no other option but to watch the entanglement till then.

And sharks are busy enough biting Google’s undersea cables. What?

In open air, the posts and wires are sometimes the source of leisure-time-rest for the birds. So, these birds that rest awfully absent-minded on these wires will have to live their life without the luxury of cables and wires. Mankind is really trying to snatch away all the opportunities that offer some luxury to other species. Sad!

Untill we get wireless, post your comments without any restrictions if you have sympathy for the great wired, Indian culture.

And also pray that no lives are lost due to naked wires in inappropriate places.

Getting wireless? Where is the TV remote?

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